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Declarations of Interest

Declaration of Interests

In November 2012 the School introduced an annual online Declaration of Interests exercise for all staff and governors to capture the many interests at play within the LSE community.

All staff are required to complete the Declaration of Interests form.

The annual Declaration of Interests forms part of the School’s ethical framework. The School’s Ethics Code provides a set of principles by which the whole LSE community, including all staff, students, and governors of the LSE, are expected to act. Under the commitment to integrity, there is a requirement to declare interests and eliminate possible conflicts.

Guidance for staff and governors is available here 2015-2016 Declaration of Interests  FAQ.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest relating to the individual’s association with the School may arise when individuals have interests which are not readily apparent and which may have influenced – or be perceived to have influenced – a decision or course of action.

Potential conflicts might arise from a number of causes, including business or financial interests, relationships with other organisations, personal relationships, political or religious affiliations.

Everyone who carries out duties on behalf of the School (whether as a member of staff or as a volunteer) should act primarily in the best interests of the LSE rather than for their own advantage or that of their associates.

Staff and governors should declare any other relevant interests as they arise by notifying the Ethics Manager by email at: ethics@lse.ac.uk

Information on Council member’s links with other charities is available here.

Viewing the Register of Interests

All responses to the Declaration of Interests are stored securely and used for ensuring compliance with the schools legal, regulatory and ethical framework. Personal information cannot be made publicly available.

The school is legally required to make available the interests of those on its governing body if you would like to view this part of the register please email the Records and Information Management Team glpd.info.rights@lse.ac.uk