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Tips for students in halls

If you're one of the 3,400 students living in LSE halls then help us tackle environmental issues and win prizes by joining the Student Switch-off Campaign Facebook group for your hall. 

Energy saving tips

Heating, cooling and IT/electrical equipment all use energy and add to global warming. Follow these tips:

In winter, space heating is one of the largest energy consumptions. For our own health and that of the planet we can:

  • Avoid overheating
  • Put on an extra layer
  • Turn off heating in unoccupied rooms
  • Shut doors and windows to keep heat in and reduce draughts
  • Switch off extractor fans after cooking (they extract heat as well
    as air)
  • Avoid blocking radiators with furniture
  • Avoid using supplementary heaters. They should not be needed if the temperature is at a comfortable level. If you are not comfortable, then report this to your hall manager. Use of supplementary heaters is also a fire hazard

Other energy saving tips

  • Turn off electrical appliances such as computer screens, TVs, videos/DVDs and stereos when not in use! If everyone in Britain turned off their TV set, for example, rather than leaving it on standby, it would save enough electricity to power a town the size of Basingstoke.
  • Avoid leaving the door of your fridge open for longer than necessary as cold air escapes.
  • Avoid putting warm food straight into the fridge - allow it to cool first. Defrost the freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently and cheaply.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath - a bath can use up to five times the amount of hot water as a shower.
  • Select a wash programme at the laundry of 40 C or less (this uses a third less energy than normally needed to heat water for a hot wash).
  • Always wash a full load if you can't use a half-load or economy programme.
  • Invest in a washing line or clothes horse instead of tumble drying which consumes a lot of electricity.
  • Walk, cycle or use public transport rather than taking your car.

End of term... off on holidays!

Calculate your carbon dioxide emissions with the Climate Care CO2 calculator [external]. Once you have calculated your emissions from air travel, your home and your car you can set about reducing it by as much as possible. Alternatively, you can buy carbon 'offsets'.

Sustainable waste management

Most of the halls run reuse schemes at the end of summer term each year. Students can donate their unwanted items, that are cleaned and in good condition. Ask hall staff about the reuse scheme in your hall. LSE is also using its experience with reuse activities to work with other universities on the implementation of end-of-term reuse schemes.