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End of Term Reuse Guide

ReLove End of Term Volunteers

Volunteer within your hall, and play your part in the continuing success of the great LSE End of Term ReUse and Relove events. We are looking for ReLove Volunteers to work with fellow students and hall management on the run up to the end of term to encourage the donation of items and help separate and sort items for charity collection.

Last year collectively the Residences ReUsed 7 tonnes of goods. Charities that benefit include those working with the homeless, the vulnerable in London, community groups and establishing environmental sustainability in some of the world’s poorest communities. Items are also internally reused within the halls at the start of next academic year.

Contact your reception to find out how you can volunteer and assist ReLove now! 



This reuse implementation guide has been compiled as part of the HEFCE funded project Moving Towards Zero-Waste. The aim of the project was to work with HEIs in different English regions to implement, improve and extend reuse schemes in student halls of residence and on campus.

This guide provides best practice and guidance to the HE sector. This reuse implementation guide gives step-by-step guidance on how to put a reuse scheme into action in a hall of residence.

Different options, gathered from our HEI regional partners, are given to allow the reuse scheme to be tailored to local requirements. The guide covers the organisation and set up of the scheme as well as related communication issues and monitoring. It is targeted at hall managers, accommodation officers and environmental managers as well as interested and active students who want to support their hall of residence with the implementation of reuse schemes. It also features ideas for on-going campus reuse activities.

Download the guide

Cover of the Reuse Guide for Halls of Residence

PRINTING: Please remember to print using the following print properties - double-sided, landscape and 'flip on the short edge'

Moving Towards Zero Waste: Reuse Guide
Low Res (2.5MB)
High Res (45MB)
Workshop Slides in PDF ~ 17 March 09 (7MB)

Download the appendices

A1 University Case Studies
A2 Reuse Organisations
A3 Regulatory Framework - Waste Management And Waste Minimisation
A4 Door Hangers, Give & Take Posters, Posters & Notices, Rag & Bone Poster
A5 Guide For Volunteers
A6 Training Outline
A7 All Sorting Posters
A8 Communications Examples
A9 Regional Reuse Contact Lists: East Anglia, East Midlands, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber
A10 Student Survey Template
A11 Student Volunteer Form Template
A12 List of Average Weights For Typical Reuse Items
A13 Reuse Monitoring Sheets: Giving and Taking
A14 Monitoring Sheet: Internal Reuse
A15 Timetable for End-of-Term Reuse in Halls of Residence
A16 RELOVE Poster

Reuse tools

Furniture Reuse Network list of average weights in Excel or Word

Reuse for Halls of Residence
|There is a 3-minute trailer is available, along with a 10-minute film, which is targeted at University and College senior management teams, including Vice Chancellors, Estates Directors, Residence Directors and Facilities Managers in Halls of Residence.


We hope this reuse implementation guide:

  • Inspires you
  • Provides useful information to help you run successful reuse schemes
  • Gives you a local network of people to work with

Please get in touch to let us know how we can (see left for contact details):

  • Expand the information
  • Incorporate your own examples and ideas for successful reuse in the HE sector
  • Acknowledge your diversion rates and publicise your best practices


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