LSE Smart Mugs

To help reduce the negative environmental impact of using disposable cups we encourage the use of environmentally friendly smart mugs.


LSE Smart Mugs are £8.50, including a free coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

How to use your mug on campus:

At catering outlets served by baristas:  

  1. As you order your drink please let staff know that you wish to use your own mug
  2. Place your clean mug on the counter, with the lid off
  3. We regret that staff cannot handle or wash your mug
  4. The barista will prepare your drink in one of our special jugs and pour it in to your cup
  5. Enjoy!
Please note that Smart Mugs cannot be used at self-service drinks machines.  This is to protect customers from health risks of un-sterilised cups coming into contact with drinks machines.   

Top Tips

  • Purchase ethically sourced fair trade tea and coffee from SU shops, the Quad Café and LSE catering outlets
  • Rinse your mug in one of the 41 water fountains on campus
  • Clean it thoroughly at home with warm soapy water
  • Use and reuse your clean mug at any of the staffed LSE Catering and LSE SU catering outlets
  • Many local cafes also welcome your mug and some may even offer you a discount!

Where can I buy a smart mug?

  • LSE Garrick
  • 4th Floor Café Bar
  • Café 54
  • Mezzanine Café
  • The Bean Counter
  • SDR Café Bar (members only)
Thank you for considering the environment!