Top tips

In brief, 12 easy things you can do to help!

  1. Wherever possible, apply the following rule' on waste: reduce - reuse - recycle. Reducing waste is a greater priority than simply recycling.
  2. Switch off! Photocopiers, computer monitors, speakers, lights, fans etc (remember, even the standby mode uses a lot of electricity).
  3. Print and photocopy double-sided whenever possible (two pages to the page is even better). All printers should be able to do this, but if you're not sure how just ask your IT support team.
  4. Make it visible - put up signs at key locations in your department/division to remind staff about good environmental practice.
  5. Buy recycled stationery - there's so much more than just recycled paper such as printer cartridges, pens, pencils, staplers... the list goes on.
  6. Be cool - open windows instead of, but not as well as, using air-conditioning.
  7. Be more cool - in winter turn the heating thermostats (if you have one) down a degree or two.
  8. Use your LOAF when food shopping - the 'official' priority order for minimising the environmental impact of your purchasing - by buying Locally produced food, then Organically if possible, then Animal-friendly products, and finally Fairtrade, in that order (locally produced food has the least damaging effect on the environment).
  9. At LSE, when possible, buy Fairtrade tea and coffee for your staff and for catered events, and use AquAid water coolers.
  10. Instead of using a plastic cup at the water cooler, use a mug or re-use a water bottle.
  11. When boiling the kettle, only use the amount of water you actually need - this can lead to big electricity savings!
  12. Stop and think - what can you positively change about what you do? Share your good ideas with others!

Page updated 20 October 2009