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Residences sustainability champions

Follow the link to find out your Residencies Sustainability Champions for 2012-13.

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you want to learn more, be inspired and do something practical? Are you interested in meeting other people and getting involved?

As an environmentally conscious academic institution which influences over 11,000 people, the LSE recognizes that it has a significant ecological footprint and that as a society we are facing multiple environmental challenges. Why not start making a difference where we live and work?! 

As part of the School's continued drive on environmental and sustainability issues, we are looking for volunteers to publicise and support environmental efficiency initiatives within their LSE halls of residences throughout the year. 

Residences Sustainability Champions are students living in halls who work together towards the shared vision of a sustainable society. There are between two and six Sustainability Champions in each hall of residence, each committed to improving the environmental and social performance of their hall during their stay. Champions benefit by gaining experience of environmental projects, putting good sustainability ideas into practice, awareness raising and event organisation.

The champs in every hall are a self-organising group. They have senior management support from the director of residences. They will work in partnership with relevant staff and students in their hall and access expert advice from the LSE Sustainability Team. During term time, champs will liaise with the Hall Student Committee, front of house managers, wardens, SU officers and the residences sustainability officer, Dan Reeves,  

Residencies Sustainability Champions - Get Involved!

Student Switch Off

Student Switch Off is an energy saving campaign encouraging student action on climate change. In 2011/12 students in LSE residencies reduced their energy use by 6%, saving an equivalent of £15,499, and 105 tonnes of carbon emissions! 

Like the LSE Student Switch Off facebook page to start spreading the switch off messge and save energy!

Green Impact

Green Impact is a nationwide environmental accreditation programme in its 6th year at LSE. Teams of staff and students work in halls and on campus to make practical changes to embedd sustainable best practice.

Contact your halls manager, or Sustainability Assistant Vyvyan Evans, to find out how you can take part.