This year LSE has stepped up and joined the Global Corporate Challenge. So, here’s your chance for a bit of healthy competition!

Form a team of seven with your colleagues and choose a team captain.  Then put on your pedometer, and start exercising!  Every step you take will contribute to towards your 100 day virtual journey around the world with 55,000 other teams from across the globe.  The more active you are, the further your team will progress and the more and the more virtual locations you’ll unlock.  

The competition begins on 28 May - so apply now!  

LSE is funding 12 staff teams to enter the Global Corporate Challenge on a first come first served basis. Any team registered over the 12 will have to be funded by their Division/Department - so please check with your manager before registering your team.  

For further details about LSE's participation, contact Chris Watt:  

For more info on the Global Corporate Challenge, click here for their website|.