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Environmental Management System

Governance structure 

LSE's environmental governance and reporting structure is shown in the diagram below.


Environmental Management System

LSE’s Environmental Sustainability and Energy Policies are embedded into everyday practice through an Environmental Management System (EMS) and Energy Management System (EnMS). 

We use these systems to manage our sustainability and energy impacts, setting performance targets and monitoring progress to demonstrate continual improvement. 

The EMS and EnMS ensure continual improvement by: 

Establishing sustainability and energy policies, and objectives for progress. 

Identifying all sustainability and energy impacts, as well as legislation and other requirements we must comply with, and putting processes in place to manage these issues.

Assigning responsibilities for managing the above to relevant staff, ensuring these personnel receive any necessary training, and communicating on sustainability and energy issues with all students and staff.

Setting performance targets and measuring performance against them.

Conducting regular internal audits to check we comply with legislation and our own environmental and energy management processes, and establishing systems to address any non-conformances with these.

Conducting senior management reviews of all the above, and identifying opportunities for future progress. 

Since 2012 our EMS has been ISO 14001 certified – an internationally recognised standard, which is awarded by independent external auditors, and re-assessed each year. In the initial 2012 certification report, the external auditor commented that:  "Everyone interviewed during the four day audit was extremely enthusiastic and helpful. Commitment at senior levels is very clear, with increasing emphasis on strategy and leadership in relation to the EMS."  


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