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Student Switch Off

Student Switch-Off is a national campaign encouraging student action on climate change. Students living in halls compete to save energy, and pick up prizes (think Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, Lush goodies...) along the way.

To take part join the LSE Student Switch-Off Facebook group, and get started by following the top tips below!

How to save energy: four top tips! 

1. Switch off lights and appliances

It's pretty simple - if you're not using it, switch it off. Job done.


2. Layer up and turn the heating down

A jumper adds 3 degrees of warmth to your body, whilst turning up the heating 1 degree increases heating costs by up to 10%. 


3. Don't overfill the kettle

Save time and energy by only boiling the water you need for one cup of tea.


4. Put a lid on it!

Putting a lid on the pan as you cook your food reduces the energy needed to cook your food by up to 90% 


So what difference does it actually make?

Each year since 2008-09, LSE students have cut halls energy use by an average of 7.95% compared with our 2004-5 baseline - that's 190,226 kWh of energy per year, and the equivalent of £15,217. More importantly that's a whopping 103 tonnes of CO2!

There are plenty more facts and figures in the Student Switch Off reports:

Questions? Contact Residencies Sustainability Officer Dan Reeves,