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Property and Space Management

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Email: Estates.Space.Requests@lse.ac.uk

Property and Space Management

The Property and Space Management team (P&SM) deal specifically with property and space management matters at the London School of Economics.

Our primary goal is to manage the allocation and space planning of the estate in line with the School's priorities and strategic vision.

The P&SM team is made up of a number of skilled professionals ranging from chartered surveyors to strategic work place consultants and space planners.

It is our mission to help develop and deliver spaces and places that are efficient, effective and expressive in adding value to the student and staff experience at the London School of Economics.

LSE Strategic Priorities




What does this mean for LSE?

It means ensuring that our facilities are able to respond to, and deliver on, the School's three core strategic priorities in a cost effective way. The priorities are:

  • The teaching and student experience
  • Engagement
  • Research