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Saw Swee Hock Student Centre property specifications

SAW 232 x 348Property name: Saw Swee Hock Student Centre|
Property code: SAW
Property tenure: freehold
Size GIA: 6010m
Year of construction: 2013
Planning listing: none 
Address: 1 Sheffield Street, London WC2A 2AP
Contact reception: 020 3486 2999 lse.saw.reception@lse.ac.uk|
Building energy rating: Grade A
EMS condition grade: Grade B
EMS functionality grade: Grade 3
Main occupiers: LSESU|, Chaplaincy|, LSE Careers|, Residential Services|
Facilities: Gym|, Faith Centre|, Pub, Cafes, Exercise Studio, Club Venue, LSESU Media Centre, LSESU Advice and Counselling|, LSESU Activities Resource Centre| (ARC)

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