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Sustainable LSE

 Martin Bolton

Martin Bolton  - Head of Environmental Sustainability

Responsible for coordinating environment related initiatives involving staff, students, academics and the wider local community.

Contact details: TW1, 4th Floor, 020 7852 3746,

 Dan Reeves

Reeves, Dan - Residences Sustainability Officer

Embeds sustainability across all eight of LSE’s managed halls of residence.

Contact details: TW1, 4th Floor, 020 7107 5397,

 Jon Emmett

Emmett, Jon  - Sustainability Projects Officer

Responsible for implementing LSE’s Environmental Management System, and overseeing the environmental compliance register

Contact details: TW1, 4th Floor, 020 7106 1135,


Rivilla Lutterkort, Elena - Sustainability Officer Waste and Procurement (with effect from 10th February 2014)

Responsible for sustainable waste management and procurement issues.

Contact details: TW1, 4th Floor, 020 7107 5168,


Evans, Vyvyan - Sustainability Assistant

Responsible for implementing Green Impact (the staff and student engagement campaign), and the sustainability communications strategy.

Contact details: TW1, 4th Floor, 020 7106 1177,