How to contact us

Use Service request forms to report a facilities or maintenance issue.


Helpdesk enquiries:  020 7955 7956


Estates reception:  020 7955 6477


Estates who's who


Emergency contact

Helpdesk: 020 7831 8713 or  ext 2444

Security: ext 2000

Stage 2 - Complaint registration

In the event of unsatisfactory resolution of your enquiry at Stage 1, please contact the Customer Services Manager:


Jas Sidhu


ext 7778


Feedback form

Helpdesk Feedback Form

The Customer Services Manager will:

  1. Liaise with the relevant manager or Head of Section to investigate and progress the complaint
  2. Log the complaint in the Complaints Log
  3. Respond to the customer
  4. Advise the customer on the corrective action to be put in place
  5. Follow up with the service provider on progress / resolution
  6. Escalate the complaint to Stage 3 if necessary
  7. Analyse the complaint and pass on data to be used by the Senior Management for management purposes

Response time: The Customer Services Manager will aim to send an initial response to the customer within 3 working days*  from when she receives the complaint (or sooner in the event of an emergency).

In the initial response, where appropriate, the result of any investigation will be stated, guidance on the proposed resolution will be offered and where possible an estimated time of completion will be provided.

Follow-up: Every effort will be made to resolve the issue at this stage. If required, the Customer Services Manager will undertake the follow-up updates on progress with the customer unless otherwise advised.

* Where complaints have been sent to a named member of staff who is not available to deal with your enquiry, e.g. staff on holiday etc, an out-of-office response will be posted to direct who should be contacted in their absence. Alternatively, please contact Help Desk for direction.

Stage 3: Escalation of complaints in the event of unsatisfactory resolution at Stage 2

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