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Use Service request forms to report a facilities or maintenance issue.


Helpdesk enquiries:  020 7955 7956


Estates reception:  020 7955 6477


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Emergency contact

Helpdesk: 020 7831 8713 or  ext 2444

Security: ext 2000

Asbestos management

The current Asbestos Management Policy setting out the School's policy and procedures for managing asbestos is available on the School's web-site to disseminate to your project team and is summarised below.

Hard copy Asbestos Registers recording the location and condition of all known ACMs is located with Security, Maintenance, receptions at relevant Halls of Residences and the Asbestos Manager.

In addition, Project Managers, Space Planners and Maintenance Supervisors and above have direct access to the on-line Asbestos Register and document management system within Planon.

An Asbestos Information Request Form (pdf) is available on the School's web-site to access the services/advice of the Asbestos Manager where appropriate.

All known ACMs will continue to be periodically re-inspected to record any deterioration in their condition.

There continues to be the risk of an uncontrolled escape of asbestos fibres from within a number of the School's buildings and therefore please remain diligent and be aware of the emergency procedures described in the School's Asbestos Management Policy and is summarised on the attached sheet.

Under new HSE Guidance, the survey types have been re-named as Management Surveys and Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys.

If there are any concerns, doubts or queries regarding the management of asbestos, please make contact with the Asbestos Manager – Martyn Fisher [Tel: 020 7955 6548; Mobile:07850 918910; e-mail:].

The Asbestos Manager will maintain the Asbestos Register and on-line data base and therefore please provide in a timely manner electronic copies of all surveys, air quality certificates and consignment notes.

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