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Estates Division's Service Promise

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What can you expect?

As a customer of an organisation that has achieved the Putting the Customer First Standard you can expect:

  • Your needs to be clearly diagnosed and your objectives understood prior to any service being delivered to you.
  • To be given access to the full range of services available to you – whether delivered directly by this organisation or by another, more appropriate, service provider.
  • To be clear about what you can expect from any service we deliver to you and the timescales within which that service will be provided.
  • That we will continually review your needs and follow up after services have been delivered to you.
  • To have open access to our customer feedback and complaints procedure and that your feedback on services will be listened to and, where appropriate, will inform the development of future services.
  • Services to be clearly targeted, relevant and appropriate for your needs.
  • Our people to be appropriately trained and developed to have the necessary skills to diagnose and meet your needs.
  • Our people to deliver an impartial and objective service operating in your best interests at all times.

The LSE Estates Division achieved Customer First accreditation in June 2011 and has also been awarded  Investors in People status.

Putting The Customer First® is a national standard for customer service. It comprises  30 Statements in three categories which explore the components of excellent service provision: Customer Relationships, Market Awareness and People.

The LSE's Estates Division prepared a self-assessment document and supporting evidence that met all the standard requirements, which was submitted to the external assessor.

Following  interviews with staff representing  all teams in the Estates Division, the assessor Les Hewitson commented as follows:

"I have no hesitation in recommending Customer 1st accreditation to Estates. Your submission was superb and Estates is fully compliant."

As outlined in the assessor's report, Estates planned meticulously for the assessment and the Customer First Steering Group led by Allan Blair, Director of Facilities Management consulted, listened, learned and worked as a team with all Estates staff, as well as  members from other School service  areas to ensure they fully understood the requirements of the Standard.

Recognising the team effort, the LSE's Director of Estates, Julian Robinson summarised this achievement in the letter of thanks to staff: "whilst it is good to get the badge, this should not be seen as an end in itself, as being customer focussed and having robust systems of recording and evaluation are the essential bedrock of effective Estate management. The Customer First methodology will therefore continue to be employed in our forward planning and the continued development of our services."

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Customer First and Investors in People