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The Women's Library @ LSE


The Women’s Library @ LSE collection was successfully relocated into a new, purpose built archive store for LSE Library in June 2013. The next phase in the full integration into the existing Library collections is creation of a Reading Room and Archives and Special Collections office on the Fourth Floor of the Lionel Robbins Building, and an Exhibition Space on the Ground Floor and an Activity and Teaching Room and Poster and Banner Store on the Lower Ground Floor.

The construction of a reading room for The Women's Library @ LSE collection fulfils one of the key commitments made by LSE when it became the custodians of the collection.  The reading room will support research on women's history, with the new area playing an integral role within the wider redevelopment plans for the Lionel Robbins building.

The works will be undertaken in two distinct phases:

LSE_Womens_Library_0111Phase 1 (December 2013 – March 2014) – Refurbishment of area on the Fourth Floor previously occupied by Centre for Economic Performance to create a new Reading Room and Library office to support The Women’s Library @ LSE and all existing collections currently held by the Library. These works will allow the function of the existing Reading Room and office to be transferred to the Fourth Floor, allowing the commencement of Phase 2.

Phase 2 (April 2014 – July 2014) – Refurbishment of the current Reading Room to create an Activity and Teaching Room, where visitors to the Library can use primary sources and museum objects.  There will also be an extension to the existing archive in order to house the array of posters and banners acquired with The Women’s Library @ LSE collection. An Exhibition Space will also be created near to the main entrance of the Library to allow the display of materials from The Women’s Library @ LSE and the Library’s other collections.

As part of this project the Lower Ground Floor toilets will be completely refurbished with new fixtures and fittings during Phase 1 and the life-expired air handling unit serving the old archive will be replaced during Phase 2.  

Until the new reading room opens, access to The Women's Library @ LSE collection will continue from the current Library reading room located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Library.

Please visit the Library web pages to find out how these works may affect Library services.