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High Holborn Level 11 Refurbishment   - August 2012 - March 2013 (PDF)

Campus New Signage - 2010 - 2012 (PDF)

Towers reception refurbishment - April - November 2012 (PDF)

Old Building locker room - July - September 2012 (PDF)

Lakatos main entrance - August - September 2012 (PDF)

Shaw Library refurbishment - July - September 2012 (PDF)

Photovoltaic Cell installation - January - July 2012 (PDF)

Plaza Cafe, Green Roof - April 2012 (PDF)

St Clement's basement WC - March - April 2012 (PDF)

Old Building Terrace, Living Wall - September 2011 (PDF)

King's Chambers, Student Salon - June - September 2011 (PDF)

Clement House Behavioural Laboratory - October 2010 - July 2011 (PDF)

SPOF - Single point of failure - October 2010 - July 2011 (PDF)

Old Building 1st floor teaching rooms - July - September 2010 (PDF)

SPOF (data fibre optic cable) project

December 2011

The "SPOF" project to remove the risks associated with having a "Single Point of Failure" on the University computer network, through the installation of a network of ducts in the campus roadways, has been successfully completed and is now providing resilience for our data infrastructure and room for future expansion. The project was a great challenge in terms of communication, and potential for significant noise/vibration disruption to the School, and after the "dust had settled" on the project, the project team held a Lessons Learned workshop, to discuss what was good and what was bad about all aspects of the project from procurement through to implementation and completion. The more valuable lessons will be carried forward to the benefit of future Estates projects.

Student Salon

October 2011

Last year we held a design competition open to our students to re-imagine the Student Salon, on the ground floor of Kings Chambers. The winning design by Ailin Huang, a BSc student of Environmental Policy with Economics at LSE, was then developed by Feix and Merlin Architects and built by Sykes & Sons Ltd.

The design incorporates new faceted timber wall lining with framed or coloured recesses for custom made benches and desks, as well as a book exchange shelf, power and network points, alarm panels and signage.  The angled mirrored panels on the walls and ceiling create a slightly surreal perspective as you walk in.

The Salon is always available if you need a place to rest or to shelter from the elements. We hope you like it!  See link (PDF) for before and after photos of the project.

Portugal Street cycle parking

August 2011

During the summer we fitted cycle stands along Portugal Street outside the Lionel Robbins Building, adding a parking for a further 30 bicycles on top of the campus existing 300 (approximately) spaces.

The parking aligns with the School's Environmental Policy objectives on transport, supporting the increase in cycling as a sustainable mode of transport, which is favoured by a growing number of students. And due to the popularity of the racks we will soon be adding more another 6 hoops.  See link (PDF) for before and after photos of the project. 

Lessons learnt 2010

As part of the continuous improvement process, Capital Development carry out post occupancy reviews by means of a client meeting and questionnaire. This allows departments to review the process from start to finish and to highlight areas that worked and areas that need developing. This can be either in the service delivered from Estates or its consultant architects and contractors. This helps us to identify lessons learnt. We also carry out our own internal reviews of the consultants and contractors to ensure that we are getting a high quality service and value for money. On larger projects we carry out a formal Post Occupancy Evaluations. This helps refine the briefing and staff requirements for further projects.

We will be carrying out a lessons learnt exercises on the signage works in Old Building and questionnaires are being issued to departments and services for each of the completed summer works projects. Where there is no clear owner, feedback will be sought on those most affected by the works. An example is the teaching rooms, the maintenance of these crosses Estates, Conferences, ITS and timetabling, and feedback will be sought from all to ensure a true reflection of the customers' views.

Projects 2010

One project of note over the summer was the successful implementation of the Old Building signage, which caused little disturbance and staff and students seem to have taken to the new numbering very quickly. We will now be looking at rolling out the next phase over the Easter/Summer period next year.

Two projects are on-going which may still cause disturbance to the School. The first is the excavations taking place in and around the campus to eliminate single points of failure to the School's IT systems by routing all fibre optic cable in street ducts to two entry points for each building. During the first week of January, the contractor will have three teams on site in order to undertake the necessary excavations for the full length of Houghton Street and Clare Market. The second is the Old Building main entrance works which have been severely delayed due to the liquidation of a main sub contractor. These works are being reschedule and are programmed to take place in the New Year. Temporary measures were implemented once we realised a major problem was imminent, to ensure that the entrance was presentable and functional. Notwithstanding this problem and the major street works, the remaining campus projects have played a major part in improving School facilities. The School now has five new teaching rooms in the Old Building, four new teaching rooms in Clements House, three new visiting academic flats above the George IV pub, the external area around the pub has been made more usable and safer by the kerb extension works and a significant improvement to the public face of Houghton Street has been completed. Further information can be obtained by contacting Kenneth Kinsella, director of capital development on ext 4951 or

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