Design Details

The building will be designed to meet the highest sustainability standards, limiting carbon use and becoming an exemplar university building.

aerial square
Aerial view showing new development

What will the new building contain?

It is currently proposed that the new building will accommodate the following services and facilities:

  • Teaching & learning spaces of various sizes on the lower ground, ground, first and second floors 
  • A new catering cafe on the ground floor 
  • Academic departments on floors 3 to 12

See the General Arrangement plans for each of the public areas on the lower floors:

Lower ground floor (PDF)
Ground floor (PDF)
First floor (PDF)
Second floor (PDF)

Who is involved in developing the design of new building from the LSE?

Consultation will occur throughout the life of the project and will continue even after the building is occupied. 

Consultation groups have been established to ensure the design responds to users’ particular needs. Each group includes a representative from the Students’ Union as well as staff with experience in planning, delivering or receiving the service in question.

Equality and diversity issues are considered in each group and separate briefings with equality and diversity groups across the School are underway. 

On going input from a number of LSE service departments is vital to the success of the project including IMT, Security, Audio–Visual, Facilities Management and Maintenance.

How big will new building be?

The building comprises a 13 storey building overlooking a new public square in the heart of the campus with an adjoining 6 storey building facing onto Houghton Street.  

Clare-Market before and after
View from Parish Hall towards Clare Market (before and after)

Houghton-street before and after
View from Aldwych down Houghton Street (before and after)

John-Watkins-plaza before and after
View from Portugal Street towards John Watkins Plaza (before and after)