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Grange Court Closure 19 October 2017

Thames Water will return to site today to complete emergency repairs to their water main beneath Grange Court, which is causing flooding into the basement of the Royal Courts of Justice.

The works require that Grange Court be closed off, meaning that access to the Towers buildings will only be possible via the Aldwych until the repairs are complete. These works are outside of our control and could take several days.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. A map of LSE's campus can be viewed here to help you plan alternative routes.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Grange Court Closure 9 - 12 October 2017

Thames Water were unable to complete the repair at this time and will return within the next week.  Apologies for the continued inconvenience. 

Grange Court Closure 29 August - 2 September 2017

Grange Court will be closed during this period, please use alternative routes

St Clement's Lane Closure May 2017

St Clements Lane will be closed between the below dates in order to facilitate the construction of the Mace site compound in this location. 

  • Monday 22 - Friday 26 May inc.
  • Tuesday 30 May - Monday 12 June inc.  
  • Monday 19 - Friday 23 June inc.

Drop-in sessions recommence March 2017

The project team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the CBR project on the last Wednesday of the month, commencing 26 April 2017 from 1pm - 3pm in the Plaza Cafe.

Piling works begin, February 2017

The main build contractor Mace have now taken occupation of the site and are preparing to commence with piling works, which will take three months to complete. Piling works in simple terms will involve using a large drill (piling rig) to drill holes throughout the site area. Once the hole is drilled concrete is then injected into the hole as the drill bit is extracted and reinforcement is then inserted. This process creates both the basement walls and the resulting mating piles interlock and create the basement which supports the building above and restrains the adjoining buildings.  For more information see the latest newsletter.

Because we have reached this significant milestone on the project the LSE Estates Division invited staff, students and neighbours to presentations and Q&A sessions.  For those of you who miss this opportunity, here is the presentation. 

Demolition complete, December 2016

The demolition phase of the Centre Buildings project has been completed - Cantillon have left the building!


The Cantillon team celebrate at the demolished CBR site

Removal of acoustic screen from the Old Building, November 2016

Following completion of the noisiest elements of demolition activity across the Centre Buildings site, Cantillon will commence removal of the acoustics screen situated along the front elevation of the Old Building on 28 November and thus the return of views and daylight to those affected offices.

The works to remove the screen will take approximately 2 weeks to complete and will involve scaffolders working directly outside the windows of offices situated along this elevation, with some sporadic drilling activity as scaffold ties are removed from the wall.

The acoustic screen is being removed at this point in the programme as the sound profile of the site has now changed. While there will still be noise emanating from the construction activity and isolated instances of some noisier activities, it will not be the continuous heavy noise that has been prevalent throughout the demolition phase, meaning that the existing secondary glazing installed within the Old Building will provide a sufficient acoustic barrier.

Campus vibrations update, September 2016

We have received several enquiriies about the vibrations which can be felt on some parts of the campus.

These vibrations are being caused by the removal of the basements of Clare Market and St Clement's buildings on the Centre Buildings site and are passing through the ground into adjacent buildings. Please be assured that this is nothing to be concerned about. We are working well within tolerance set by the project engineering team and Westminster City Council, who receive regular reports from the monitoring stations. Monitors are positioned throughout the site to record vibration levels and are being reviewed throughout the works by the contractor working on the site. We expect that the vibrations will continue for 6-8 weeks.

Further details about how the vibrations are monitored can be found in the newsletter from May 2015.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works. If you experience or witness any issues in relation to the above please contact Jas Sidhu on or 020 7955 7778 and she will forward your concern to the relevant person within the Capital Development Team.