SU Society Room Booking Agreement

Agreement between LSE Room Bookings Office and LSE Student Union Societies

The Undersigned Officers of the LSE SU Society hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

I) Purpose of Events
1.All SU society events are by default organised for the principal benefit of society members and the wider LSE student and staff community.


II) Room Booking Regulations
1. No individual or society will book space on behalf of other individuals or societies who do not have room booking privileges or those who have had their booking privileges withdrawn.

2. Societies will complete the online Room Booking Training Module in order to obtain Room Booking Privileges. Up to three individual officers from each Society have the opportunity to obtain Room Booking Rights and each individual must complete the training module.  

3. Only the individuals who have signed this form will book or cancel rooms for this society. The Officers will not allow any other person to use their log-in details for these purposes.

4. Societies will only refer to themselves as a society of the LSE SU. Societies are expressly forbidden from referring to themselves as LSE departments, organisations or services and from using any LSE branding. They will not use the LSE logo, or describe themselves anywhere (including on the society website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter) as the LSE xxxxx Society (as opposed to the LSESU xxxxx Society, which is the proper form).

5. Societies will book suitable sized venues for an event and will cancel all and space which is no longer required via the online booking system. 

6. Societies will only use rooms which have been confirmed to be used by the Society by the Room Booking office.

7. Societies will contact the Room Bookings Office if they want to book the Old Theatre for a conference, lecture or show. Societies will need to indicate if they also want to book the Old Theatre Green Room.  If booking the Old Theatre and the Old Theatre Green Room the societies need to agree to comply to the venues terms and conditions.

III) Events with External Organisations and Recruiters
1. External organisations who wish to run events at LSE are required to pay room hire charges and should contact directly to make arrangements. If societies are approached by external organisations and asked to book space at the School on their behalf, they will direct the organisation to LSE Event Services.

2. If a society is unclear on the status of an event they will email for advice. Please contact Room Bookings when events are being arranged jointly with another organisation and we can advise you on how to proceed.

3. Employer recruitment presentations, where a recruiter presents on the roles they offer and how to apply for them, can only be arranged through the LSE Careers Service. Room Hire charges apply for these types of bookings. Societies may not hold their own careers fairs on campus. Societies may however organise careers-related events aimed at developing skills – such as sessions on 'how to improve your negotiation skills' – and panel forums with representatives of a particular industry (who must not all be from one organisation).


IIII) Event Management and Health and Safety Guidance
1. Societies must familiarise themselves with and implement the guidance covered in the training. LSE has to comply with various regulations and when Societies organise an event on campus they must also ensure the event complies with those regulations.

  • Regulations include: Public Meetings Act 1908, LSE’s Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech - Universities have statutory duty to secure freedom of Speech under Section 43(1) of the Education (No 2) Act and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. All event organisers have a responsibility to be familiar with these documents.

2. If a Society is organising an event which the Society would like to open to the Public, the Society must agree to the following conditions:

  • Provide the reason/purpose for opening the lecture to the Public, in addition to the LSE Community
  • Arrange for an LSE Academic to chair the event and brief the Chair prior to the event (Chair’s Guidelines will be provided)
  • Ticket the event, ideally using the SU’s ticketing system in order to professionally manage numbers, entry to event and to provide a full attendee list to Security/Reception staff as required
  • Arrange for required number of stewards to be on duty for the event and brief them in advance on their responsibilities (stewards guidelines will be provided)
  • Prepare an event risk assessment (for SU/Room Bookings) and if requested additionally complete a Security Risk Assessment for the event and/or meet with LSE Security to discuss    

3. LSE follows the guidance on gender segregation from the Equality and Human Rights Commission at Gender segregation at Events and Meetings: guidance for Universities and Students' Unions. This means that in principle, we regard gender segregation at events organised in or by LSE or the LSE community as contrary to the law, except for certain exceptions such as occasions of religious worship or where segregation is entirely voluntary.

4. Societies will prevent overcrowding of venues, either by operating the SU ticketing system and/or by arranging stewards (at least one per fire exit).The capacity of each venue is its number of seats. Standing, or sitting on floors or stairs, is prohibited. Stewards must be briefed fully on their responsibilities prior to the event and Steward Guidelines are available.

5. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times. Event Organisers, Stewards and the Chairperson should familiarise themselves with fire evacuation procedures and the meeting point for the venue so they are able to advise attendees in the event of an evacuation. 

6. Societies are not allowed to bring any electrical equipment such as amplification and sound systems, lighting rigs into School premises, including into the Old Theatre. Societies will only use the equipment available and present in the venue booked.

7. Societies will keep any music or any noise to a minimum to prevent disturbing any teaching or offices near-by, in particular before 18:00 on weekdays. Noise should not be heard in neighbouring rooms and any film viewings should be kept to evening bookings.

8. Societies will contact the SU ARC staff in order to allocate space to a rehearsal or physical activity as this type of activity is only permitted in specific venues.  Classrooms cannot be booked for rehearsals/sporting or physical type activities. Societies are not allowed to book rooms via the online room bookings system for these types of activities.


If a Society breaks any of the conditions set out above, the Society or its individual officers will have any existing bookings cancelled and room booking privileges withdrawn for a period of up to eight weeks. If a society has enabled an outside organisation to use space which should be chargeable the society will be liable for the lost hire fee; if it is noted after an event that a booking was actually on behalf of an external organisation these charges can still be applied.


The LSE Room Booking Office agrees to:

-Provide a response to a room booking request via Resource Booker within two working days (Monday – Friday)

- Respond to email queries within three working days

- Ensure that the most suitable available room for an event is provided

- Provide information and guidance to Societies organising events

By submitting the following form you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. Please note each individual needs to complete the online training before room booking privileges will be granted.

Please note at peak times this process can take several working days and we will prioritise committee secretaries to enable us to respond to more societies. If your society needs additional committee members to be able to request rooms please complete the applicable form below. These will be processed later in Michaelmas Term.

Please do not organise events before this has been completed.


I am the Secretary of my LSE SU Society and have read and accept the above conditions.

  • Your name


I am a Committee Member of my LSE SU Society and have read and accept the above conditions.

  • Your Name

 if you need to submit additional information please email us on