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How to contact us

Use Service Request Form to report a facilities or maintenance issue.


To follow up progress on a job email estates.follow-up-jobs@lse.ac.uk.


Helpdesk Enquiries:  020 7955 7956


Emergencies: Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm

020 7831 8713 or ext 2444 or #6244 if calling from a public access phone.


Emergencies: Out of hours

Contact Security on ext 2000

Important: Please read the following information

Estates service request forms

The Estates Helpdesk web site and related request forms have undergone an upgrade. The most important change is the gathering of information onto one easy to use page. The page is designed to provide information that is useful to the users and facilitates the submission of requests.

With reference to the service request forms, there are information requirements in some forms that are dependant upon the type of request you are making.  Please ensure that you complete all of the elements of the form, and please, check the entries you have made on the form before you press the 'Submit' button.  This will ensure that your request is handled as quickly as possible without delays or problems caused by incorrectly entered information. 

Door Plate Request Form For submitting request for new or updated room door plates

Environmental and Cleaning Request Form:  Used to report any cleaning issues, bin emptying requests, environmentally friendly disposal of office related waste such as old printer cartridges, and any other issues dealt with by the Environmental Supervisor. 

Maintenance Request Form:  Used to report electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling and fixture related issues and problems to existing facilities on campus. Typical examples are lamp changes, installation of shelves, broken glass and blocked toilets. Also used for whiteboard and noticeboard requests.  

Additional/Replacement Keys, digital and Salto fob reprogramming: Self descriptive

Additional/Replacement Locks/Digital Lock: Self descriptive

Out of hours access form: Self descriptive

New Works Request form:Any improvements or new works to facilities.

Estates.space.requests@lse.ac.uk: Office moves and space management requests including allocation of space, relocation, acquisitions and disposals.

Out-of-hours Maintenance Request Form:  Where a department requires direct labour support for an out-of-hours function.  Please note the overtime costs are usually charged to the department making the out-of-hours request. 

Telecoms Request Form: This form is for Telecomms use only - departments are not to use this form to request services from Telecomms.

Peacock Theatre Request Form:  For use by Saddlers Wells personnel.

Your email address

In order to receive your helpdesk email detailing your job number and priority time frame for your request, you must ensure that you fill in your LSE email address correctly on the Service Request Forms. If the address is not completed correctly you will not receive feedback on your request. Your full LSE email address can be found on the LSE Telephone Directory. Please do not confuse your full LSE email address with your outlook alias - for example, (full email address) a.smith@lse.ac.uk; (Outlook alias) smith, a.  The alias will not be recognised by the forms and as mentioned you will not get any feedback.

Submitting your request

You may experience a delay when submitting your request forms - this is normal and is the associated time delay while the email server processes your request. Please do not click the 'Submit' button multiple times, even if nothing seems to be happening  - the form will eventually be sent and you will receive a message in your browser notifying you that your request has been sent successfully.

How things work now....

It is important to understand that when you submit your request via the web, a response email is not immediately generated.  While much of the background processes have been automated, there is still a need for each and every request to be assessed by the Estates maintenance supervisors and this does take time.  Emergencies are given top priority and will be dealt with immediately before any other request. 

Your request automatically becomes a Task at the Estates Help Desk. These Tasks form a fully searchable archive that can be used in the event of a query concerning any request that is submitted - whether it has been accepted or not. For this reason it is essential that all requests are submitted via the correct methods (web forms or emergency telephone line). Any other form of request will not become a task and therefore will not be processed.    

Once a request has been assessed and subsequently accepted, the request status for that request is updated on the Facility Management System that is used within Estates. 

The system is scanned daily and all newly accepted requests generate an automated email that informs the requestor of their job number and the anticipated time it will take to complete the job. (Please note: You will not receive an email notifying you of your job details until the supervisor accepts your request on the system and the system has been scanned and registers your newly accepted request.) 

Should you need at any point to follow up on a progress of a job please send a note to estates.follow-up-jobs@lse.ac.uk or contact Helpdesk.

Feedback on your request

If your request is accepted (please read the Estates disclaimer) by the Estates Helpdesk, it will be assigned to a tradesman and given a priority.  You will receive an email confirmation detailing your job number and the priority time frame associated with your particular request.

Every day all jobs completed by tradesmen are technically completed on the Facilities Management System.  This is a new process and has greatly speeded up the follow up feedback on completed jobs.

Once your job is completed on the system you will receive an email that will request some feedback concerning your particular request and whether it was completed to your satisfaction.

Public folders

Many requestors regularly use the link located in Public folders to submit maintenance requests.  This link has now been updated and is available for use at Public Folders/All Public Folders/Admin/Estates.