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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

London School of Economics and Political Science

5th floor 

Lionel Robbins Building

10 Portugal Street





Chair, EDI Taskforce

Professor Carola Frege


Executive Officer, EDI Taskforce

Joy Whyte

020 7955 7096


Head of EDI Office

Carolyn Solomon-Pryce

020 7955 6621


EDI Manager

Isabella Chan

020 7955 7826


EDI Research Analyst

Dr Nicole Boyce

020 7955 7204 


Research and Communications Officer 

Dr Alex Free

020 7955 6762


Research Officer, Race in the Academy 

Dr Akile Ahmet 

020 7106 1229


Research and Communications Assistant  

Paroj Banerjee 

020 7106 1229

Support around the School

These pages on support and advice for staff and students have been set up to bring together information and resources on equality and diversity related issues, such as what to do if you have a complaint, who to contact for advice on mental health issues, what does the School offer on flexible working etc. Please see Support and advice for staff and Support and advice for students.

You may wish to see our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a query that has not been addressed in these webpages, please contact the Equality and Diversity team.

You may also find the following related services useful - 

Disability and Wellbeing Service

The Disability and Wellbeing Service provides the first point of contact and an overview for current and prospective disabled students and staff.

Faith Centre

The LSE Faith Centre is a state of the art multi-faith facility used for worship, prayer, interfaith discussion and hospitality by the diverse student and staff body at LSE. Revd Dr James Walters, Chaplain and Interfaith Adviser, provides pastoral care to students and members of staff and supports religious life and cohesion within the wider LSE community.

Health and Safety

These pages give information on measures the School takes to ensure the health, safety and welfare of everyone who works, studies or visits the premises or may be affected by the activities of the School.

Student Counselling

LSE offers a free and confidential counselling service to all its students.

Staff Counselling

This is an opportunity for all staff to access support, whether to discuss a problem or situation that is causing concern, or some distress that is taking place at work or home.