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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

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Professor Carola Frege



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Joy Whyte


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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

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Professor Nicola Lacey recognised in New Year's Honours 

Congratulations to Professor Nicola Lacey, who has been recognised in the New Year's Honours List, receiving a CBE for her services to Law, Justice and Gender Politics. 

Professor Lacey comments: "I feel hugely fortunate to have been honoured in this way, and it gives me particular delight that justice and gender politics were mentioned in the citation.  

There is, of course, a huge element of luck in any such award.  But I hope that the fact that three feminist and socio-legal scholars were recognised in this year’s list – Carol Smart and Sally Wheeler were the others – will encourage diversity in legal scholarship and education, reflecting values long cherished by the Law Department at LSE. 

Most of all, I feel deeply grateful to LSE, and to the Law Department in particular, as well as to the Mannheim Centre and the Gender Institute, for giving me such a wonderful intellectual home - a peerless space for dialogue and friendship - for the best part of my career." 

Professor Anne Phillips awarded the Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize

Professor Anne Phillips, Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science at the Department of Government, LSE, was awarded the Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies at Political Studies Association (PSA)’s annual awards ceremony. This makes Professor Phillips the second woman to win the prize in the history of PSA Awards.

The judges at the award remaked “As a major political thinker in the areas of feminist theory, democracy and representation, Professor Phillips has been awarded the Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize in recognition of the huge contribution she has made to the study of democracy and representation, to the field of women and politics, and the work undertaken to enhance the public understanding of politics. Professor Phillips’ thinking continues to shape not only academic research on gender and politics, but also public discourse and social movement activism, bridging the links between theory and practice.”

We congratulate Professor Phillips for this major achievement. 

LSE Master’s Awards (LMA’s) for MSc double degree in Global Media and Communications (LSE and UCT) applicants

Two offer holders on the MSc double degree in Global Media and Communications (LSE and UCT) will be awarded LSE Master’s Awards (LMA’s). The offer holders must be African residents and preference will be given to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The award covers the tuition fees of first year at LSE and living costs at £1,200 per month for one year. More information on financial support may be made in future, including regarding students’ second year in Cape Town.

To know more about internal and external funding opportunities for African students refer to the scholarships and awards that are available. 

Progress report for 2015–16: EDI Taskforce

Following the completion of the first of its two years of operation, LSE’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Taskforce has released its ‘Progress report on equity, diversity and inclusion matters at LSE (2015–16)’.

The report outlines the principal objectives of the taskforce and its key practical outcomes and initiatives, encompassing: gender diversity in relation to pay, hiring, promotion and workload; developing anti-bullying and anti-harassment reporting and resolution mechanisms; an EDI audit of professional services staff; the Race in the Academy research project; the Stonewall Workplace Equality submission and support of the School’s Athena SWAN application; fostering a more inclusive School culture; institutionalising EDI around LSE; and improving EDI-related communications.

The EDI team would like to thank the members of its steering committee and working groups for their valuable contributions to the work of the Taskforce in its first year. The team would also like to express its appreciation to the many individuals around the School who have provided feedback, ideas and suggestions on EDI-related activities and projects. 

Gender and ethnicity earnings gap at LSE

The EDI Taskforce commissioned a statistical analysis of the pay and promotion gap of women for academic staff and the pay gap of women and ethnic minorities for professional services staff in 2015. We are really thankful to Professor Oriana Bandiera from the Department of Economics, LSE, for her work and support in undertaking this important analysis. The report was announced by Professor Julia Black, LSE's Director, via a School-wide communication on 5 September 2016. 

Widening Participation ninth annual Black Achievement Conference: an 'inspirational' experience

As part of Black History Month, the LSE Widening Participation team ran their ninth annual Black Achievement Conference on Saturday 15 October. Over 170 young people aged 14–18 from state schools and colleges and approximately 50 parents, carers and teachers attended the conference.

Hosted by presenter and entertainer Kat B, the conference included a keynote speech from award-winning entrepreneur and finalist of The Apprentice, Bianca Miller. Participants also had the chance to engage in various workshops to inspire and support their decisions about future education choices, with parallel sessions for adult attendees. Further information on the event is featured in the Ninth Annual Black Achievement Conference briefing in LSE Staff News. 

LSE announces scholarships for new MSc in Women, Peace and Security

We are happy to share that five full scholarships have been announced for a new MSc in Women, Peace and Security. This course is a 12-month programme and the scholarship will cover all tuition fees and living expenses for 5 students from the UK or overseas for the academic year 2017-2018. For more information refer to the scholarship announcement page or contact Zoe Gillard, LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security on 020 3486 2959, email: z.gillard@lse.ac.uk

LGBT+ milestones at LSE: a statement of support from our Director

On the occasion of LGBT History Month, Professor Julia Black issued a statement supporting the school wide initiatives that will be taking place in LSE in February.

LGBT History Month is celebrated across the UK every February, and I’m delighted to say that this year’s will be particularly special for the School. Our Library exhibition ‘Glad to be Gay: the struggle for legal equality’ showcases the unique Hall-Carpenter activism archives and the Women's Library Collection to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act.

As a School, we are deeply committed to ensuring an inclusive, diverse and supportive environment for all our staff and students. I am pleased to report that the School has just jumped 52 places in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index rankings, with our score improving from 47 to 70.5. This is a real testament to the work of our LGBT+ staff network Spectrum, who initiated LSE’s participation in the Index some years ago, and the EDI Taskforce who enthusiastically partnered Spectrum, HR and the LSESU’s LGBT+ Officer and Pride: LSESU Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance in developing the School’s practices in this area.

This is a fantastic achievement, and the work to ensure that every LGBT+ member of the School’s community can be themselves in their place of work or study continues. Our new policy on trans staff and students is currently close to being finalised.

We will celebrate LGBT History Month with pride and passion; I fully support the School’s LGBT+ initiatives and trust that they continue to encourage a deeper understanding of, and commitment to, the need for inclusivity.

Professor Julia Black, Interim Director

LGBT History month at LSE: A round up of events

Glad to be Gay: the struggle for legal equality

Join the LSE Library between Monday 9 January 2017 to Friday 7 April 2017 at the LSE Library Gallery, for an exhibition on legal struggles around homosexuality that showcases unique Hall-Carpenter Archives and the Women's Library Collection to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. 

Spectrum meeting

On Thursday 9 February 2017, between 12.30 to 1.30pm, at OLD.5.11, Old Building, Spectrum is convening a meeting which will be a chance for the staff to hear the latest on EDI initiatives, upcoming trans policy and forthcoming events.

The 1967 Act and Beyond: a tale of North and South 

On Wednesday 15 February 2017, between 7 to 9pm, at the Shaw Library, Old Building, LSE Library, LSE Spectrum and Open Doors London are hosting a talk where Peter Scott-Presland will speak on the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. There is a drinks reception following the talk. Places are limited: request your free ticket here

Experiments in Living and Working: squats and collectives in 1970s and 1980s London 

On Wednesday 22 February 2017, between 6 to 7pm, at NAB.1.04, New Academic Building, LSE Library and LSE Literary Festival are hosting a talk where Matt Cook will speak about a gay squatting community in Brixton and Sue O’Sullivan about working collectively on Spare Rib magazine. This event will be chaired by Dr Anne Summers.

Spectrum members and friends are meeting in Café 54 from 5pm, if you wish to join them meet in Cafe 54. 

LSESU Labour Society is looking for LGBT+ academics for its event on 21 February 2017. Please contact George Ellis for further information. 

A Bill Called William 

On Friday 24 February 2017, between 5 to 6pm, at the Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE Library and LSE Literary Festival will screen a documentary A Bill Called William, which was first screened in 1997 to mark the 30th anniversary of 1967 Sexual Offences Act.

Spectrum members and friends are requested to assemble at the White Horse after the screening to discuss the film. 

Stuart Feather talks about Gay Liberation, Radical Queens and more

On Tuesday 28 February 2017, between 12.30-1.30pm, at the LSE Library, Stuart Feather will do a reading in three parts from his book 'Blowing the Lid': the Westminster Central Hall demonstration against the Festival of Light; a piece about the radical drag queen commune, and the trial of Michael James at Bow Street magistrate’s court. Please sign up here to attend the event. 

Women: Speak with more conviction, clarity and impact

An interactive workshop is being organized by LSESU’s International Students officer in collaboration with Women in Politics, Women Leaders of Tomorrow and Women in Business, for self-defining international women eager to be more articulate. The workshops will be organized in two stages: the first being ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ session by The Public Speaking Trust and in the second part LSE third year student Saskia Neibig will discuss whether women should ‘defeminise’ to succeed in public sphere. These workshops will encourage and engage discussion and debates on the issues.

Please contact SU.International@lse.ac.uk to register and visit LSESU Facebook page for more information. 

Red Ellen: The life of Ellen Wilkinson, socialist, feminist, internationalist

On Friday 24 February 2017, between 12.30-2pm, at the Thai Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE Library and LSE Literary Festival is hosting talk where Dr Laura Beers will speak on the revolutionary figure Ellen Wilkinson

LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 

Between Monday 20 February 2017 to Saturday 25 February 2017, LSE is hosting it's 9th annual Literary Festival. The theme this year is Revolutions  where many activities and events will focus on issues related to diversity. To know more about the various events browse through the programme schedule

Dora Bakoyannis: an insider’s view on the geopolitics and the refugee crisis

On Tuesday 21 February 2017, between 6.30-8pm, at TW.1.G.01, Tower 1, join the LSESU Ethical Finance Society, for a lecture, where Dora Bakoyannis will speak on austerity measures and humanitarian crisis. Dr Felipe Carozzi will chair the event.  

Stagnation Generation: Exploring intergenerational fairness

On Wednesday 22 February 2017, between 5-6.30pm, at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, the Resolution Foundation, the International Inequalities Institute at LSE and LSE Literary Festival, is hosting a debate on intergenerational fairness. The speakers include Georgia Gould, Professor John Hills, Omar Khan and David Willets will chair the talk. This event forms part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2017, taking place from Monday 20-Saturday 25 February 2017, with the theme “Revolutions”. 

Viewing Autism through the Arts Lens

On Wednesday 22 February 2017, between 7-8.30pm, at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, Personal Social Services Unit and LSE Literary Festival is hosting a panel discussion that explores the portrayal of autism in art and literature. Some of the speakers at the event are Ros Blackburn, Jem Lester, Emma Claire Sweeney and Professor Martin Knapp will chair the panel. 

Women in Work: An Unfinished Revolution?

On Thursday 23 February 2017, between 7-8.30pm, at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, the EDI Taskforce will host a panel discussion on achievements and challenges of women in the workplace, which forms part of the LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival 2017. Chaired by Professor Julia Black, the speakers at the event include Harriet Harman, Katrine Marçal, Lieutenant Commander Ally Pollard and Dr Nicola Rollock. 

Safe with Self-Injury: A Public Lecture and Book Launch for National Self-Injury Awareness Day

On Wednesday 1 March 2017, between 6.30-8pm, at The Old Theatre, The Old Building, LSE, LSE Sociology and LSE Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are organising a public lecture and a book launch for National Self-Injury Awareness Day. Admission to the event is free but pre-registration is required by emailing: sociology.events@lse.ac.uk.

Presentations include:

Wedge, founder of LifeSIGNS: Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support

User-led Online Peer Support – Shallow, Deep & Vital

This presentation will explore the development of online peer-support and the ways in which the rise of social networks have impacted on it, highlighting the importance of self-expression and being heard.

www.lifesigns.org.uk @LifeSIGNS 

Conor McCafferty, Business Director and psychotherapist, Zest, Northern Ireland, Chair of the Northern Ireland Suicide Strategy Implementation Body.

Noella McConnellogue, Clinical Director and psychotherapist, Zest, Northern Ireland.

The Impact of Alcohol on Self-harm

This presentation will examine the relationship between alcohol (mis)use and self-injury with reference to the impact of alcohol on emotional and physical well-being.


Kay Inckle, Department of Sociology, LSE

Self-Injury Essentials: Social Justice, Embodiment & Harm-Reduction

This presentation will draw from the book Safe with Self-Injury, and focus on three essential requirements for understanding and responding helpfully to self-injury: social justice, embodiment and harm-reduction.


WISE International Women's Day Celebration

On Wednesday 8 March 2017, between 9.30am to 7pm, at Barts Pathology Museum, WISE@QMUL is celebrating WISE International Women’s Day, which is meant to inspire those in the early stages of their career in academic STEMM subjects. National WISE Campaign and Athena Swan representatives will deliver talks in the beginning, which will be followed by discussions on challenges and successes in the careers of number of female scientists in the STEMM fields and representatives from universities presenting good practices. To be a part of the celebrations register here

The Action for Equity Award 

Nominations are now open for the Action for Equity Award from the International Inequalities Institute. The award is an exciting new prize from the LSE to recognise and reward civic organisations for their excellent work in combating inequalities, providing GBP 50,000 toward the winning organisation’s ongoing activities and connecting them with the Atlantic Fellows programme. In the inaugural year the award will focus on smaller teams addressing inequalities in the UK.

Complete a nomination form online now! Your nominated organisation will then be asked to complete a short application form before 12 March 2017.

The eventual winner will be announced at the III Annual Conference on 14 June 2017.






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