Application and admission

Admissions decisions are based solely on the information presented on the application form, and you will not be treated differently if you have a disability, medical condition, dyslexia or neurodivers condition or other specific need.  LSE aims to create an environment which enables all students to participate fully in university life. 

Enquirers and Applicants

Familiarise yourself with processes, procedures and documentation required for undergraduate and postgraduate courses

To declare or not to declare?

We urge you to tell us about your disability, dyslexia or neurodiversity, medical condition or other specific need so that LSE can make any reasonable adjustments you may need.

On the application form

  • Complete the section Disability, Specific Needs or Medical Condition codes in the Monitoring Form at the end of the LSE application form, available at How to apply
  • This disclosure is NOT passed to the academic selector
  • This disclosure will notify the Disability and Well-being Service of your application

In your personal statement

  • Use your personal statement to explain what reasonable adjustments you may need to ensure your access to the teaching and assessment on the course
  • This information will NOT be passed to the Disability and Well-being Service
  • If you anticipate that your disability or condition will NOT require any reasonable adjustments from the academic department, there is no need to disclose it in your personal statement