Living and moving around


Disabled students may have priority in housing allocation. 

Accessibility at LSE


  • the Neurodiversity Service runs meetings and events for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia and other neurodiverse conditions
  • The Student Union (SU) runs a wide variety of groups and activities and has a Disabled Students’ Officer
  • Equality and Diversity run a series of workshops, events, training and a blog
  • Circles peer support network meets regularly over coffee or lunch to solve problems, share resources and celebrate achievement.  If interested, contact
  • The Counselling Service offers a free and confidential service
  • Disability and Equality Research Network (DERN)  aims to provide disabled researchers and researchers into disability with an opportunity to share their work wth critical colleagues, and to receive constructive feedback
  • Volunteering provides the opportunity to both give support and get support - contact the Volunteering Centre

Moving around London

London is a very busy and congested city and travelling around can be problematic and time consuming.  The London Underground is a very old system and the majority of stations have stairs.