Exams at LSE

Know what to expect

There is detailed information from the Exams Office which sets out the system for making Individual Exam Adjustments. Please read this carefully.

You should familiarise yourself with LSE's Procedures and Regulations for exams as they may be different from those you encountered previously.

Here are some facts about LSE exams: 

  • An Individual Exam Adjustment (IEA) is granted by LSE via the IEA Panel
    for those students who have a medically defined physical or mental condition.
  • Any student may apply for Individual Examination Adjustments in advance of the published deadlines
  • All IEAs approved by the Panel are for duration of programme studies and therefore do not need to be reapplied for once approved
  • Decisions about IEAs are made on the basis of medical evidence submitted
  • Depending on the nature of your disability and along with evidence provided, students may be given various adjustments which may include extra time and/or rest breaks
  • Students with individual examination adjustments will usually take an exam in a a smaller room containing fewer students than in a main room 
  • It is very rare for one student to take an exam in a separate room

Individual Exam Adjustments (IEAs)

School regulations allow for individual examination adjustments (IEAs) to be made if you have a documented disability, such as a medical, physical or mental health condition and/or a specific learning difficulty, eg dyslexia or dyspraxia.  The purpose of IEAs is to provide an environment that gives all students an equal opportunity in exams. These adjustments are confidential and will not be listed on your transcript or degree certificate.

Individual Exam Adjustments need to be applied for via a Long Term IEA Application Form which must be completed with a Disability Adviser. Once supporting medical evidence has been obtained, the signed form and evidence will then be submitted to the IEA Panel.

The IEA Panel will consider your condition and the medical advice and approve relevant reasonable adjustments for any exams you may take throughout your studies whilst at LSE.

The deadline for completed applications to the Panel is:

17th November 2017 for January exams
23rd March 2018 for Summer Term exams

Appointments with a Disability Adviser can be made via the DWS administrative team.

For further information please see Individual Exam Adjustments page.