Disclosing your disability or condition

To declare or not to declare?

It's your decision as to whether or not to declare your disability or condition, but we would urge you to contact the Disability and Wellbeing Service as early as possible, where we can offer you advice and information in a confidential discussion.


Your right to confidentiality is respected and information regarding your disability or condition will only be given out with your permission and on a "need to know" basis.  Confidentiality is required under the Data Protection Act 1998 which categorises such information as "sensitive". Please see the following current documents relating to DWS confidentiality and disclosure.

Inclusion Plan 

When you meet with an adviser in the Disability and Wellbeing Service we can review your needs and work out how best to support you within the School. We will start to draw up an Inclusion Plan, which sets out the reasonable adjustments that will be put in place throughout the School, and decisions about what information is shared with anyone else are always made with the student.  

This video [4:48] gives you an overview of the Inclusion Plan process (this video refers to an ISSA, but the process is essentially the same)

This next video [5:00] gives examples of reasonable adjustments and how they are organised (this refers to an ISSA, rather than the new version of an Inclusion Plan).