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1  If my disability/medical condition/dyslexia has adversely affected my ability to study or prepare for exams, will the Exam Board make allowances?


If the arrangements made in your Individual Student Support Agreement (ISSA) have not been sufficient, you can write a letter of ‘mitigating circumstances’ to the Exam Board which they will take into consideration if your final classification is near a border line.  For further information on what exceptional circumstances are covered, see Mitigating Circumstances|



2  Would information about my disability go on my record or exam transcript?

 No, the marker will be notified if there have been special arrangements such as a scribe, but no record of this appears on transcripts or degree certificates.


3  What happens if a student becomes disabled while at LSE?

Every effort would be made to facilitate completion of a course with

reasonable adjustments the School can put in place drafted into an ‘Individual Student Support Agreement (ISSA) as appropriate



4  What is an Individual Student Support Agreement (ISSA)?


An ISSA is the LSE’s system of recording the adjustments and resources which are deemed necessary to meet the individual needs of a student with disabilities, based on formal documentary evidence, copies of which will be kept in the Disability & Well-being Service.  We listen to and involve the individual student in discussions and decisions about how best we can provide appropriate and discreet support.  The ISSA is copied, with the signed consent of the student, to relevant School personnel and reviewed as necessary.



5   What Hearing Support Systems available in LSE ?

Infra-red systems are in place in the Peacock, Old, New and Hong Kong theatres, Vera Anstey Room and in D202, D302, D402, D502 and D602.  Students who need to use this regularly will be issued with a personal headset and charger by the Disability & Well-being Service, as part of their ISSA. Most reception counters have loop systems or portable induction loops available on request



 6. How do I talk to my GP about my mental health?

 The Mental Health Foundation| has produced a practical guide with tips to enable you to speak with greater confidence to your GP about your mental health.