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 LSE Careers works to uphold the School's principles of equality and diversity, and aims to ensure that individuals of whatever race, gender or degree of disability can have equal access to employment opportunities.  

LSE Careers service has a dedicated Careers Consultant (Viki Chinn) whose focus is on the transition from education to employment for students who have a disability or a neurodiverse condition.

Mentoring Scheme 2017 - 18

LSE Careers is launching a Mentoring scheme from October 11. Our mentors are LSE Alum who have all gone through the processes of finding inclusive employers and success in the workplace. The scheme will open with a launch event on Wednesday October 11th and will be followed by one to one meetings between mentor and mentee once every three weeks. Applications for the scheme will close on Friday 29 September. To apply please complete the this form or email Viki Chinn.


Applications and Interviews

Application process, disclosure, interviews, tests



Disclosure and confidentiality

Informed decision-making, legislation, reasonable adjustments



Reasonable Adjustments

Removing barriers, examples, costs



Access to Work scheme

Adjustments in the workplace, costs




Legal requirements

Protection from discrimination, reasonable adjustments, legal advice






1  When is the best time to disclose my disability?


There is no best time for everyone.  Some disclose on the job application form, some at interview, some not until they are on the job, and some not at all.  It depends on you, your disability, the type of job and the context you are working in.


2 What advice and guidance do you offer?


You can get advice and guidance, in workshops or 1:1 meetings, on

  • career planning
  • job hunting
  • CV development
  • interview skills
  • disclosure
  • reasonable adjustment
  • legal issues



3  What links do you have with employers?


LSE Careers has close links with disability organisations, diversity recruiters and a wide range of empolyers ensuring that you will be made aware of employment opportunities and given appropriate information, support and guidance for making the transition into employment.





























LSE Staff

Human Resources, Equality and Diversity, Access to Work Scheme, Managing Disability







 Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services