Disclosure and confidentiality

No obligation to disclose

People with disabilities often face the difficult decision as to whether or not they should disclose and many are unsure whether they are actually required to. It is important to note you are under no legal obligation to do so and whether or not you disclose is entirely your decision. 

One exception

The exception to this is where there may be health and safety implications, for example, with a condition such as epilepsy. Should you require reasonable adjustments at any stage of the recruitment process or during your day to day work, it may be worth considering disclosure.

Make an informed decision

It is helpful to discuss the pros and cons of disclosure in order to come to an informed decision as to whether you should disclose at all and, if so, at what stage. 

You can discuss this with Viki Chinn, a careers consultant for disabled students at the LSE Careers Service, or with one of the Disability and Well-being Service or Neurodiversity Service team.