Applications and interviews

The application process

Throughout the recruitment process there are a number of things to consider in order to ensure you give yourself the best chance of performing to the best of your ability. When you are writing your CV, cover letter, or application form, you should consider asking for support during the application process.   You can ask for such support from Viki Chinn, specialist careers consultant (who specialises in disability and employment) in the Careers Service, or from a member of the Disability and Well-being or Neurodiversity Service teams.


If you have disclosed your disability, the employer is likely to be interested in how your condition may affect you in the workplace and your ability to perform the requirements of your role. It is important to anticipate potential interview questions and consider how you would both describe these effects and your coping strategies. Having completed a degree course you should have examples of how you have already demonstrated these strategies but also consider the different demands in a work environment and what you can do in those circumstances. An employer will be entitled to ask questions about how your disability may affect the role you are being interviewed for, but they cannot ask any personal questions or questions about your disability that do not strictly relate to your performance of the role.

If the employer does not raise these questions and you wish to discuss them, you could ask if they would like you to briefly explain. They may feel a little uncomfortable asking you about your disability so this not only takes some of the pressure off them but also will prevent them from making inaccurate assumptions about your ability or capability of performing the role. It will also allow you to state any adjustments you require or differences in the way you may work.

When discussing these issues with the employer present them in a positive light. Be informative and objective offering solutions to any perceived difficulties.  Give examples of how you have managed to achieve past aims.  Remember you are being interviewed because on paper you meet their criteria and have demonstrated the skills and abilities they require.

Interviews and tests

Some recruitment processes will involve certain selection tools to assess your ability to do the job. These may include psychometric or aptitude tests, a group exercise or case study.  If the employer does not tell you in advance that these will be part of the process, you should contact them and ask in order to ensure you are not placed you at a disadvantage on the day. Whilst the employer is required to make reasonable adjustments to aid you throughout the process it is not reasonable to tell them on the day so you should advise them in advance if you need adjustments made.