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We offer a choice of great value inclusive reception packages or food only options which allow you to make your own choice of beverages from our wine list.  All drinks ordered outside our inclusive packages are charged on a consumption basis. 

Alcohol free receptions can also be accommodated with juices and smoothies replacing alcohol.

All receptions are available in licensed areas on a fully serviced basis.  Prices assume a minimum number of 30 - a surcharge will apply for smaller numbers. Duration is 1.5 to 2 hours at one time, ending by 9pm, later times by special arrangement.

Please note that items are available as per the building codes to the right of each description.                                                                                           

Old Building - SCR, SDR, Private Dining Rooms,
4th Floor Restaurant, 4th Floor Cafe Bar, 3rd Floor (Robinson Room Suite), NAB & 32LIF

Atrium (Old Building) & Clement House


Price per person
(including VAT)

R10 Early Bird Economy Special (inclusive Package)


Available Monday to Friday between 3.30pm and 6.30pm.

This package cuts costs to the absolute minimum, so no variation is possible.
Nibbles - Bowls of crisps, nuts and tortilla chips.
Drinks - Red and white wine, fruit juice and tap drinking water (approx. 2 drinks per guest).
Duration - 1.5 hours maximum


R11 (Inclusive Package) 


Nibbles - a selection of crisps, tortilla chips, nuts, savoury popcorn and olives. 
Drinks -  Red and white wine, fruit juice and filtered water
(approx. 2 drinks per guest).
Duration - 1.5 hours 

A, B 

R12 (Inclusive Package) 


Mezze platter of olives, sun dried tomato, stuffed vine leaves, Greek style feta, bread sticks, pitta, humus and tzatziki dips
Drinks -  Red and white wine, fruit juice and filtered water
(approx. 2 drinks per guest). 
Duration - 2 hours

A, B,

R13 (Inclusive Package) 


Fresh vegetable crudités with dips (v); Nachos with guacamole, salsa and sour cream (v)
Drinks - Red and white wine, fruit juice and filtered water
(approx. 2 drinks per guest)
Duration - 2 hours

A, B 

R14 (Inclusive Package)


Selection of cold canapés, hand baked potato crisps, cashew nuts and marinated gourmet olives.
Drinks - Red and white wine, fruit juice and filtered water
(approx. 2 drinks per guest)
Duration - 2 hours

A, B



Price per person
(excluding VAT) 

R15 (Excluding Drinks)


Five items from the following:

  • Nibbles selection
  • Mini sandwiches assortment
  • Indian selection with raita
  • Jalapos filled with cream cheese and jalapeno pepper (v)
  • Cocktail sausages with BBQ sauce
  • Crudites with dips (v) 
  • Mini vegetable pastry assortment (v)
  • Bruschetta - Italian vegetarian selection (v)
  • Seasoned potato wedges with a sour cream & chive dip (v)
  • Chickpea falafel with yoghurt and mint dip (v) (gf)
  • Breaded plaice goujons with tartare sauce
  • Cod goujons with tartare sauce (gf)
  • Mini cottage pie
  • Mini stuffed peppers (v)
  • Oriental canape selection
  • Dim sum with soya and sesame dip (v)
  • Mini duck and hoi sin spring rolls with plum sauce
  • Chicken and chorizo skewers
  • Tortilla bites - cheesy red pepper & spinach and ricotta (v)(gf)
  • Cheese and bacon frittata bites (gf)
  • Stuffed vine leaves (v) (gf) 
  • Mexican canape selection
  • Sweet mini macaroons
  • Mini cake selection 
  • Mini iced doughnut selection
  • Baclava selection


R16 Healthier Option (Excluding Drinks) 


Crudites with dips (v)
Vegetable crisps (beetroot, parsnip, carrot and potato) (v)
Falafel with tzatziki (v)
Mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil skewers (v)
Mini chicken kebab with sweet chilli sauce



R17 Traditional Option (Excluding Drinks)


Cold canape assortment
Mini cheeseburger crostini with tomato ketchup 
Mini roast beef and horseradish Yorkshire pudding 
Mini chicken and redcurrant Yorkshire pudding
Mini cod 'n' mushy peas with tartar sauce
Cheese straws with chutney
Selection of mini blackforest gateau, mini Victoria sponge & mini bread and butter pudding


R18 Luxury Option (Excluding Drinks) 


Mezze platter (v)
Smoked salmon canapes
Chilled vichyssoise shot with parsley oil (v)
Sushi with pickled ginger and soy sauce 
Mini marinated beef skewers
Chilli and mango coated prawns with sweet and sour dip
Steamed dim sum with soy and sesame dip
Savoury spoons - meat, fish and vegetarian
Petit fours