Private bar

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The George IV pub in Portugal Street has a private bar facility on the first floor with a maximum capacity for 50 people.

Lunchtime: 12:00 (noon) - 3:00pm


Internal LSE bookings
£50 minimum spend

External non LSE bookings
£100.00 minimum spend


During lunchtime opening hours the upstairs bar is not open.  Drinks and food are available from the downstairs bar. If additional staff are required, an additional cost of £50 will be applied.


Evenings: 5:00pm - 11:00pm


Monday - Wednesday
£150.00 minimum spend

Thursday - Friday
£250.00 minimum spend

  • The minimum spend can be made up of drinks and/or food.  If no drinks or food are required the minimum spend will be incurred
  • Room capacity 50 maximum
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT
  • Only food and drink supplied by the George IV may be consumed on the premises
  • Internal LSE bookings to be made through the Catering Office (OLD 5.16, x 3732)
  • External non LSE bookings to be made directly to George IV Manager (Peter Coton 020 7955 7743)
  • External bookings require the minimum spend to be paid in full at least 10 days prior to the event taking place. 

Private bar food package


For 4-6 people
Sandwich platter -assorted or vegetarian fillings (five rounds)                                                                   £29.00
Tortilla chips with dips
Crisps and nuts