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  1. We can provide a wide variety of hospitality services in most areas of the Houghton Street site.  In addition, we can provide catering in some halls of residence - please contact the hall directly.
  2. The prices displayed are effective from 1st October 2015  until 30th September 2016, unless otherwise notified, for services provided Monday to Friday . Services at other times or locations are by special arrangement and quotation.
  3. If you have any special dietary needs, please contact us and we will be endeavour to help.
  4. Orders should be made as early as possible, 10 days in advance for receptions, lunches, dinners etc and three days for beverage, breakfast, sandwich services etc.

    We will always endeavour to provide your special catering requirements but there will be times when we are fully committed. It is therefore advisable to book your event as far ahead as possible
  5. Please place your catering order on our electronic bookings system. 

For further information and guidance notes please consult this page


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