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Minimum charge £25.00 


Beverages can be delivered to most rooms in the following buildings:

  • Old Building (China crockery)
  • Connaught House (China crockery)
  • Clement House
  • New Academic Building
  • 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields

Deliveries are made within 15 minutes of your chosen delivery time between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If we cannot make a delivery and/or you would rather collect your requirements a discount of 70p per person will apply (empties must be returned). 

NB: Collection is only available for rooms which are not required to be fully serviced by LSE Catering.


Price per person(excluding VAT) 

A21 - Fair Trade coffee 


A22 - Fair Trade tea   


A23 - Biscuit selection  


A25 - Fairtrade biscuits   



Healthier Option


A26 - Fresh Juices & Smoothies (250ml)

    £2.55 incl. VAT

A27 - Nuts and Dried Fruits

     £1.75 incl. VAT

A28 - Orange Juice (1 litre)   

£3.60 incl. VAT

A29 - Cranberry Juice (1litre) 

£3.60 incl. VAT     

A37 - Apple Juice (1 litre)

      £3.60 incl. VAT

A30 - LSE Purified Water in Returnable Bottles - Still (700 ml)

      £2.45 incl. VAT 

A31 - LSE Purified Water in Returnable Bottles - Sparkling (700 ml)*

           £2.45 incl. VAT

A32 - Mineral Water - Still (330ml)

£1.95 incl. VAT

A35 - Mineral Water - Still (l litre)   

 £2.95 incl. VAT

A34 - Mineral Water - Sparkling (330 ml)

£1.95 incl. VAT

A33 - Mineral Water - Sparkling (l litre)

£2.95 incl. VAT





 *(A30 & A31) Available on fully serviced events only