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Internal Auditor

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Internal Auditor

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Independent role

The Head of Internal Audit is responsible to the Director, but on a day-to-day basis to the School Secretary , for providing an independent appraisal of the School's activities by evaluating the effectiveness of the internal control system, including that element related to risk management. He/She has no executive role or any responsibility for the development, implementation or operation of systems. The Head of Internal Audit has a direct right of access to the Council through the Audit Committee.


All the School's activities are within the Head of Internal Audit's remit. The Head of Internal Audit is required to give an annual opinion to the Council, through the Audit Committee, on the status and reliability of internal controls within the School, and in particular: to ascertain that the systems of controls are sound and adequate, comply with established policies and operate to achieve the most effective, efficient and economic use of resources; to ensure that assets and interests in funds provided to or by the School are properly controlled and safeguarded; to ensure the integrity and reliability of information and data used by the School; and to draw attention to apparently unsatisfactory results of School decisions, practices or policies. The Head of Internal Audit will also conduct any special reviews required by the School.


But in addition to carrying out the basic responsibilities above which are required under the Audit Code of Practice issued by the HEFCE, the Head of Internal Audit is available as an independent source of guidance and advice on any matters with which he may have contact. The intention is that the activities of internal audit should make a positive contribution to the School's operations by identifying more effective and efficient means of achieving objectives and by offering general support whenever appropriate.


The Head of Internal Audit has the right of access to all School records and assets and the right to require any member of staff of the School to supply any information which he/she considers necessary to fulfil their responsibilities.

Internal Audit Procedures

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