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Team Email: academic_partnerships@lse.ac.uk

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Academic Partnerships Office

Houghton Street
United Kingdom
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Please note that our office is located in Tower 3 (room 1.02.A) however the office can only be accessed via the first floor of Tower 2

Academic Partnerships

The Academic Partnerships Office is responsible for developing and supporting LSE's efforts to cooperate with a small number of high-quality universities across the world. LSE's approach to cooperation with other institutions is normally with the following objectives in mind:

  1. To maintain and raise LSE’s profile by our association with leading institutions in globally relevant locations (including in support of recruitment efforts there);

  2. To broaden the School’s academic portfolio through teaching (including dual/double degrees and jointly branded summer schools), which in turn creates innovative opportunities for prospective students who are seeking to prepare themselves for an increasingly globalised jobs market;

  3. To extend our range of expertise and promote collaborative world-class research that deals with real problems and issues of relevance to both LSE’s and its partners’ host societies and more widely;

  4. To promote relations with corporate partners and policymakers and other non-academic users of research around the world (including as prospective employers of LSE graduates); and

  5. To promote alumni relations and fundraising efforts.

As such, we maintain a very limited number of 'institutional' partnerships and a similarly limited number of exchange partnerships for student and staff mobility. LSE chooses to cooperate only with universities that are known to share its high standards and public position.

The links below provide further information about LSE's academic partnerships: