Who's who


Hewlett, Thomas - Assistant Registrar

Thomas is responsible for running TQARO and is the primary contact for all quality assurance activity in the School. He runs the cycle of departmental reviews and the annual programme monitoring exercise. He is also secretary to the Academic and Student Affairs Committee (ASC) and to the Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee (USSC). 

Contact details: Room TW1 5.01, 020 7955 6387, t.w.hewlett@lse.ac.uk   


Baumann, Bettina - Management Information and Surveys Manager

The Surveys Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of the School's centralised surveys of students' opinions of teaching. Bettina also works with Thomas Hewlett in managing the TQARO budget and helps co-ordinate the management information requirements of TQARO in relation to a number of quality assurance activities.

Contact details: Room TW1 5.01, 020 7955 6266, b.baumann@lse.ac.uk 


Hawkins, Casey - Communications Manager

Casey manages the production of the School's Calendar. She is responsible for the TQARO website and helps co-ordinate published information relating to programmes and courses in the School. She is also secretary to the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee (GSSC).

Contact details: Room TW1 5.01, 020 3486 2602, c.hawkins@lse.ac.uk


Olding, Janine  - Teaching Quality Assurance and Timetables Officer

Janine is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office. She also supports the School's main quality assurance procedures: departmental reviews, teaching surveys, and annual programme monitoring. She provides support for TQARO's various committee work, and undertakes specific projects. Please note that this role is split between TQARO (3 days per week) and Timetables (2 days per week).

Contact details: Room TW1 5.01, 020 7955 6765, j.olding@lse.ac.uk