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Academic and Student Affairs Committee
Responsible for School policy and procedures about all aspects of student experience, including teaching. Reports to the Academic Board.
Person responsible: Thomas Hewlett

Annual programme monitoring
TQARO coordinates an annual programme monitoring exercise on behalf of ASC. This exercise asks departments to look at the currency and validity of their programmes in light of developments in the relevant discipline(s) and practice in its application. It also allows them to look at the effectiveness of the curriculum and of assessment in helping students to achieve the programme's intended learning outcomes.


The Calendar gathers together into a single resource regulations relating to students and their study. Full programme regulations and course guides are included. These are updated throughout the year. 
Person responsible: Casey Hawkins

Course And Programme Information System (CAPIS)
CAPIS is an online data management system. The system enables TQARO to store, update and manage course information. In addition CAPIS facilitates the proposal process for new courses and the annual course guide review of current course information by academic departments. 
Person responsible: Casey Hawkins
For CAPIS queries please email: ard.capis@lse.ac.uk 


Graduate Studies Sub-Committee
Meets regularly to consider new taught graduate programme and course proposals and modifications to existing provision. Further information can be found on the Committees and working groups website. 
Person responsibleCasey Hawkins


Higher Education Review
The Quality Assurance Agency carries out Higher Education Reviews of higher education providers. The aim is to assess the alignment of the provider's internal quality assurance arrangements with the expectations set out in the QAA's 'Quality Code'.
Person responsible: Thomas Hewlett


Programme specifications
Short accounts of individual programmes, with particular emphasis on aims and intended learning outcomes: TQARO assists departments with initial drafting work. They can be viewed from the TQARO website. 
Person responsible:  Thomas Hewlett

The Undergraduate and Graduate Prospectuses are vital recruitment tools for the School. Programme and course information is checked regularly for accuracy. TQARO is not responsible for producing the prospectuses but works with the Admissions Office to ensure all published information on the School's programmes is consistent.
Person responsibleThomas Hewlett


Quality Assurance Agency
The QAA is the main national body in England which carries out Higher Education Review and is responsible for setting national benchmarks for quality assurance activity.
Person responsible: Thomas Hewlett


Reviews of Taught Provision
TQARO manages periodic reviews of taught provision in departments and institutes. These reviews are conducted under the authority of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee.
Person responsible: Thomas Hewlett


Advising the School on its quality assurance strategy, including in relation to the external context.
Person responsible: Thomas Hewlett  

Regular surveys of (a) part-time class teachers and (b) permanent teachers.
Contact: TQARO Surveys 


Undergraduate Studies Sub-Committee
Meets regularly to consider new undergraduate programme and course proposals and modifications to existing provision. Further information can be found on the Committees and working groups website
Person responsibleThomas Hewlett 


The TQARO website is the main source of information on quality-related matters.
Person responsible:  Casey Hawkins