Taught Master's programme specifications


MSc Accounting and Finance
MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions
MSc African Development
MSc Anthropology and Development
MSc Anthropology and Development Management
MSc Applicable Mathematics 

LSE-Sciences Po Double Degree in Affaires Internationales and either International Relations or International Political Economy


Executive MSc Behavioural Science


MSc China in Comparative Perspective
MSc City Design and Social Science                                                                                        MSc Comparative Politics                                                                                                          MSc Comparative Politics (Research) (withdrawn 2014/15)                                                     MSc Conflict Studies                                                                                                                      MSc Criminal Justice Policy                                                                                                      MSc Culture and Society

Executive MSc in Cities


MSc Development Management
MSc Development Studies
MSc Development Studies (Research)
MSc Diplomacy and International Strategy 

MPA Dual Degree


MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
MSc Economic History
MSc Economic History (Research)
MSc Economics 
MSc Economics and Management
MSc Economics and Philosophy
MSc Economy, Risk and Society
MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation
MSc Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour (Research)
MSc Environment and Development
MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change
MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation
MSc EU Politics  (formerly MSc Politics and Government in the European Union)               MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities
MSc European Studies (Research) 

LSE Sciences Po Double Degree in European Studies

MPA European Public and Economic Policy  


MSc Finance (Full-time)
MSc Finance (part-time)
MSc Finance and Economics
MSc Finance and Economics (Research) 
MSc Finance and Private Equity
MSc Financial Mathematics 


MA Global Studies: A European Perspective

MSc Gender
MSc Gender (Research)
MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation
MSc Gender, Media and Culture
MSc Gender, Policy and Inequalities                                                                                          MSc Global Health                                                                                                                      MSc Global History                                                                                                                        MSc Global Media and Communications (with Fudan and USC)                                      MSc Global Politics 


MSc Health, Community and Development
MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing
MSc Health, Population and Society
MSc History of International Relations
MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research)
MSc Human Resources and Organisation                                                                             MSc Human Rights 

Executive MSc Health Economics, Outcomes and Management in Cardiovascular Sciences                                                                                                                                    Executive MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management 


MSc Inequalities and Social Science                                                                                       MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies                                            MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management                  MSc International Health Policy                                                                                                MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)                                                                MSc International Management                                                                                                    MSc International Migration and Public Policy                                                                      MSc International Political Economy                                                                                        MSc International Political Economy (Research)                                                                  MSc International Relations                                                                                                          MSc International Relations (Research)                                                                                    MSc International Relations Theory 

LSE-PKU Double Degree in International Affairs
LSE-CU Double Degree in International and World History

MPA International Development   


MSc Law and Accounting
MSc Law, Anthropology and Society
MSc Local Economic Development 

LLM Master of Laws
Executive LLM Master of Laws


MSc Management 
MSc Management (CEMS MIM)
MSc Management (MiM Exchange)
MSc Management and Human Resources
MSc Management, Information Systems and Digital Innovation
MSc Management and Strategy 
MSc Management, Organisation and Governance 
MSc Management Sciences (Decision Sciences)
MSc Management Sciences (Operational Research)
MSc Media and Communications 
MSc Media and Communications (Data and Society) 
MSc Media and Communications (Research) 
Msc Media and Communications (Media and Communication Governance)
MSc Media, Communications and Development 

Executive Global MSc Management 


MSc Organisational Behaviour 


MSc Philosophy and Public Policy
MSc Philosophy of Science
MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences 
MSc Political Economy of Europe
MSc Political Economy of Late Development
MSc Political Science and Political Economy
MSc Political Sociology
MSc Political Theory
MSc Political Theory (Research) (withdrawn 2014/15)
MSc Politics and Communication
MSc Population and Development

MSc Psychology of Economic Life

MSc Public Policy and AdministrationMSc Public Policy and Administration (Research) (withdrawn 2014/15) 

MSc Public Management and Governance

LSE-PKU Double Degree in Public Administration and Government 

MPA Public and Economic Policy  
MPA Public and Social Policy
MPA Public Policy and Management 

Executive MSc Political Economy of Europe

Executive Master of Public Administration
Executive Master of Public Policy


MSc/MRes/MPhil/PhD Quantitative Economic History


MSc Race, Ethnicity and Post Colonial Studies (withdrawn 2014/15)
MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance 
MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies 
MSc Regulation
MSc Regulation (Research)   
MSc Religion in the Contemporary World
MSc Risk and Finance
MSc Risk and Stochastics


MSc Social Anthropology
MSc Social Anthropology (Research) 
MSc Social Anthropology (Learning and Cognition)
MSc Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning) 
MSc Social Policy and Development 
MSc Social Policy and Development: NGOs
MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)
MSc Social Policy (Research)
MSc Social and Cultural Psychology
MSc Social and Public Communication
MSc Social Research Methods
MSc Sociology 
MSc Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought)
MSc Sociology (Research)
MSc Statistics / MSc Statistics (Research)
MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics) / MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics) (Research)


MSc Theory and History of International Relations  

TRIUM Global Executive MBA 


MSc Urbanisation and Development

LSE-Sciences Po Double Degree in Urban Policy