Taught master's programme specifications

MSc Accounting and Finance|
MSc Accounting, Organisations and Institutions|
LSE-Sciences Po Double Degree in Affaires Internationales and either International Relations or International Political Economy|
MSc Anthropology and Development|
MSc Anthropology and Development Management|
MSc Applicable Mathematics|
MSc Biomedicine, Bioscience and Society|
MSc China in Comparative Perspective|
MSc City Design and Social Science|
MSc Comparative Politics|
MSc Comparative Politics (Research)| 
MSc Criminal Justice Policy|
MSc Culture and Society|
LSE-Sciences Po Double Degree in Development Economics and Economic History|
MSc Development Management
MSc Development Studies|
MSc Development Studies (Research)|
MSc Diplomacy and International Strategy|
MPA Dual Degree|
MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics|
MSc Economic History|
MSc Economic History (Research)|
MSc Economics/MSc Economics (Research)|
MSc Economics and Management|
MSc Economics and Philosophy|
MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation|
MSc Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour (Research)|
MSc Environment and Development|
MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change|
MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation|
MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities|
MPA European Public and Economic Policy| 
MSc European Studies (Research)|
MSc Finance (Full-time)|
MSc Finance (part-time)|
MSc Finance and Economics|
MSc Finance and Economics (Research)  |
MSc Finance and Private Equity|
MSc Financial Mathematics|
MSc Gender|
MSc Gender (Research)|
MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation|
MSc Gender, Media and Culture|
MSc Gender, Policy and Inequalities|
MSc Global History|
MSc Global Media and Communications (with Fudan and USC)|
MA Global Studies: A European Perspective|
MSc Global Politics|
MSc Health, Community and Development|
MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management (modular)|
MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing|
MSc Health, Population and Society|
MA/MSc History of International Relations|
MSc Housing and Regeneration (Social Policy)|
MSc Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research)|
MSc Human Resource Management|
MSc Human Rights|
LSE-PKU Double Degree in International Affairs|
MSc International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies|
LSE-CU Double Degree in International and World History|
MPA International Development|  
MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management|
MSc International Health Policy|
MSc International Health Policy (Health Economics)| 
MSc International Management|
MSc International Political Economy|
MSc International Political Economy (Research)|
MSc International Relations|
MSc International Relations (Research)|
MSc International Relations Theory|
LLM Master of Laws|
MSc Law and Accounting|
MSc Law, Anthropology and Society|
MSc Local Economic Development|
MSc Management|
MSc Management and Human Resources|
MSc Management, Information Systems and Innovation|
MSc Management and Strategy|
MSc Management, Organisation and Governance|
MSc Management and Regulation of Risk|
MSc Management Sciences (Decision Sciences)|
MSc Management Sciences (Operational Research)|
MSc Media and Communications|
MSc Media and Communications (Research)|
Msc Media and Communications (Media and Communication Governance)|
MSc Media, Communications and Development|
MSc Organisational Behaviour| 
MSc Organisational and Social Psychology|
MSc Philosophy and Public Policy|
MSc Philosophy of Science|
MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences| 
MSc Political Economy of Europe|
MSc Political Economy of Late Development|
MSc Political Science and Political Economy|
MSc Political Sociology|
MSc Political Theory|
MSc Political Theory (Research)|
MSc Politics and Communication|
MSc Politics and Government in the EU|
MSc Population and Development|
MPA Public and Economic Policy| 
MSc Public Policy and Administration|
MSc Public Policy and Administration (Research)|
LSE-PKU Double Degree in Public Administration and Government|
MSc Public Management and Governance|
MPA Public and Social Policy|
MPA Public Policy and Management| 
MSc Race, Ethnicity and Post Colonial Studies|
MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance|
MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies|
MSc Regulation|
MSc Regulation (Research)|
MSc Risk and Stochastics|
MSc Social Anthropology|
MSc Social Anthropology (Research)| 
MSc Social Anthropology (Learning and Cognition)|
MSc Social Policy and Planning|
MSc Social Policy and Development| 
MSc Social Policy and Development: NGOs|
MSc Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy)|
MSc Social Policy (Research)|
MSc Social and Cultural Psychology|
MSc Social and Public Communication|
MSc Social Research Methods|
MSc Sociology| 
MSc Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought)|
MSc Sociology (Research)|
MSc Sociology of Crime, Control and Globalisation|
MSc Statistics| MSc Statistics (Research)|
MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics)| MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics) (Research)|
MSc Theory and History of International Relations| 
TRIUM Global Executive MBA|
LSE-Sciences Po Double Degree in Urban Policy|
MSc Urbanisation and Development|