Reviews of Taught Provision ('ASC Reviews')

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The Academic and Student Affairs Committee (ASC) is responsible for quality assurance and enhancement. One of the ways it discharges this responsibility is by reviewing academic departments. These are known as 'ASC reviews'.

They take place about every five years for each department. Review teams identify examples of good practice in departments and share them across the School. They also flag any concerns about standards and make recommendations to departments for addressing them.

ASC reviews focus on four main areas:

Academic standards:
How can the School be justified in having confidence in the academic standards of the department's programmes (including any collaborative provision), and in the quality of the learning opportunities it offers to students? The primary evidence for this section will be the data set TQARO provides on student performance, as well as teaching surveys and external examiner reports.

Quality assurance:
How does the department implement the quality assurance measures required of it under paragraph 8 of the 'Strategy for managing academic standards and quality'?
To what extent does it make use of external reference points (e.g. the qualifications framework, subject benchmark statements and professional, statutory or regulatory body guidelines)?
If it offers any collaborative provision, what steps does it take to satisfy the requirements of 'Collaborative Provision - quality assurance guidelines'?

Quality enhancement:
How does the department seek to enhance the quality of its provision? The primary evidence for this section will be found in annual programme monitoring reports and Teaching Committee minutes.

Student views:
How does the department consider its students' views on teaching, and how - if appropriate - does it act on them? The primary evidence for this section will be the SSLC minutes.

Previous Review Reports

Reports under the current ASC review process can be found here.

Reports under the previous process ('TLAC reviews') can be found here.

Reports under the previous collaborative review process can be found here.