Subject Benchmark Statements

Subject benchmark statements set out expectations about standards of degrees in a range of subject areas. They describe what gives a discipline its coherence and identity, and define what can be expected of a graduate in terms of the abilities and skills needed to develop understanding or competence in the subject.

Each statement provides broad indicators within subject areas against which institutions are expected to review their provision.

Not all statements apply to the School's own provision, a list of those that are applicable is available: QAA Subject Benchmark Statements: mapping to LSE Departments and Programmes |(Word) (LSE internal access only).

The School considers each relevant statement when it is published (or updated) against its relevant degrees. It does this by asking Departments to read the statement and to confirm whether their programmes meet the broad indicators contained within them.

It is also open to Departments to make use of relevant statements when designing new programmes or when reviewing existing ones.

For more information about subject benchmark statements, please see the QAA website: subject benchmark statements. |