Framework For Higher Education Qualifications

The framework describes the achievement represented by higher education qualifications. The framework sets out five levels of award. Each level is accompanied by a 'qualification descriptor', which describes the nature and characteristics of the main qualification at each level. The framework therefore answers the questions: 'What is a BSc? What is an MSc?'.

When the document was published in 2001, we checked all of the School's awards against the FHEQ and confirmed they met the appropriate qualification descriptor.

The QAA revised the FHEQ in 2008. Our external examiner reports specifically ask externals to confirm that the level of our degree programmes are consistent with the level set in the FHEQ. The School's externals have consistently confirmed that its programmes operate at least at the appropriate level.

The FHEQ is also used by the School's approving bodies when new programmes are proposed.

For further information on FHEQs, see the QAA website: Framework For Higher Education Qualifications |(PDF).

November 2010