Code of Practice

The Code is divided into ten sections. It is supposed to help institutions to meet their responsibilities for the assurance of academic standards and quality. It does this by providing a framework within which they can consider whether their policies and procedures in a number of areas are effective.

Each section contains 'precepts'. These set out the matters that institutions are expected to address through their own internal quality assurance arrangements. Each precept is accompanied by explanatory text that suggests possible ways these expectations can be met and demonstrated.

The ten sections of the Code of Practice (at the QAA website) can be accessed below:

  1. Postgraduate research programmes (PDF)
  2. (PDF)
  3. Students with disabilities (PDF)
  4. External examining (PDF)
  5. Academic appeals and student complaints on academic matters (PDF)
  6. Assessment of students (PDF)
  7. Programme approval monitoring and review (PDF)
  8. Career education, information and guidance (PDF)
  9. Work based and placement learning (PDF)
  10. Admissions to higher education (PDF)

The School considered all sections of the Code when they were first published. TQARO ensures that relevant School officers consider each sections as they are revised and updated.

November 2010