Departmental Profiles

Departmental profiles are teaching quality data sheets produced annually by the Academic Registrar’s Division.

The profiles pull together a collection of data from various sources across the School.  Where applicable, in addition to the information relating to the last session, the corresponding data for the three previous sessions is included for year-on-year comparison.  The information includes:

  • Student/staff ratio
  • Internal and external survey results
  • Distribution of results awarded by programmes and courses
  • Taught degree progression and completion rates
  • Research degree submission rates
  • New programmes and courses approved by committees

The profiles’ main purpose is to inform the start-of-year meetings between the Pro-Director (Teaching and Learning) and Heads of Departments.  They are also used as part of the evidence base for departmental reviews.  A consolidated set containing all profiles is circulated to Academic and Student Affairs Committee members.

To access these documents, please click on the link below and enter your LSE username and password.

Departmental profiles 2012-2013| [Restricted access]

Departmental profiles 2013-2014| [Restricted access]

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