Modular Master's programmes

Master's programmes are normally taught across a full academic year. They consist of a menu of full and/or half unit courses taught within the School's standard teaching terms.

However, it may be more appropriate for some MSc programmes to be offered in the format of concentrated modules.These are often aimed at professionals in the workplace as 'Executive Master's' or 'E-MSc programmes'.

At its 24 April 2005 meeting, the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee (TLAC) discussed and agreed principles for modular MSc programmes. Any modular Master's programme is therefore subject to the following conditions:

  1. the programme is to be clearly structured, with designated core courses, a system of pre-requisites for more advanced modules, and a clear focus on outcomes;
  2. that an associated programme of tailored reading between modules is to be built in to the programme regulations;
  3. that a minimum period of registration is to be set for the programme in its variant forms, with a particular proviso that students would not be allowed to take modules back-to-back; and
  4. that programmes in this format are to be offered at the Master's level only, and not at the undergraduate level.

Exit awards

TLAC also agreed that exit awards could be made available to students if they had to withdraw early from the modular programme. It was agreed that there should be a named award at each exit point, for example Certificate, Diploma and Master's qualifications.

Offering exit awards on the modular programme is subject to the following conditions:

  1. that there is a statement of aims and intended outcomes for the qualifications at each level;
  2. that the programme regulations set core courses at the Diploma and Master's levels; and
  3. that classification by Distinction/Merit/Pass should apply at the Master's level only.

August 2013