School policy on marking

The Academic Board (10 November 2010 meeting) approved three forms of marking for summative assessment: double-blind marking; sighted double marking; and moderated single marking, involving a second examiner.

It agreed that the default position for all summative assessments would continue to be double-blind marking.  Departments choosing to 'opt out' of double-blind marking would be required to register their reasons and details of their procedures with the USSC/GSSC as appropriate. 

Departments would be able to register their marking procedures on a departmental basis, rather than case by case. 

Procedure for 'opting out' of double-blind marking 

Departments should to write to the USSC and/or GSSC to explain:

a) the reasons why double-blind marking is not used;
b) the marking procedures that are used instead.

Departments should read the guidance provided on registering an 'opt out' of double-blind marking (Word) and address points 1-7 in their correspondence as appropriate to the case in question.

Please send correspondence to the relevant Sub-Committee Secretary. He/She will confirm when the Department's marking procedure is formally registered.

August 2013