School policy on marking

The Academic Board (10 November 2010 meeting) approved three forms of marking for summative assessment: double-blind marking; sighted double marking; and moderated single marking, involving a second examiner.

It agreed that the default position for all summative assessments would continue to be double-blind marking.  Departments choosing to 'opt out' of double-blind marking would be required to register their reasons and details of their procedures with the USSC/GSSC as appropriate. 

Departments would be able to register their marking procedures on a departmental basis, rather than case by case.

It would be highly exceptional for GTAs or guest teachers who are also registered as PhD students to act as examiners for graduate level assessments. In such cases, the Chair of the GSSC must given his/her approval and the student concerned would normally need to be near completion and/or would have specialist expertise of direct relevance to the course concerned. The Chair of the GSSC would only grant approval for GTA marking in exceptional circumstances where all other avenues had been exhausted and this should not be taken as a recurring approval for each year.

For more information about the marking process, please refer to instructions for examiners for undergraduate and taught graduate programmes.

Procedure for 'opting out' of double-blind marking 

Departments should to write to the USSC and/or GSSC to explain:

a) the reasons why double-blind marking is not used;
b) the marking procedures that are used instead.

Departments should read the guidance provided on registering an 'opt out' of double-blind marking (Word) and address points 1-7 in their correspondence as appropriate to the case in question.

Please send correspondence to the relevant Sub-Committee Secretary. He/She will confirm when the Department's marking procedure is formally registered.

Reviewed October 2016