Principles on nine/ten month Master's programmes

At its 21 May 2008 meeting, the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee (TLAC) discussed nine/ten month Master's programmes in connection with the Bologna Declaration.

TLAC saw value to both the School and particularly students in offering shorter Masters' programmes where these were appropriate. Shorter programmes gave students greater flexibility, allowing them to enter the workplace sooner than under a standard 12-month Masters.

However, TLAC agreed that the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee should apply a set of principles to such proposals when considering them for approval:

  1. proposals should be for a ten-month Master's; and
  2. they should include a compulsory dissertation, project or extended essay element.

Where proposals deviated from such norms, strong justifications - taking note of academic standards - should be made by the proposing department for GSSC's consideration.

If a ten-month Master's programme is approved, a statement should be included in the graduate prospectus, making it clear to prospective students that such programmes are not Bologna-compliant.

Please refer to the Bologna Process for more information.

Reviewed October 2016