Undergraduate and MSc research

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There are lots of opportunities to do research at LSE - both as part of your courses and outside of them. Read on for a taste of the possibilities ...



LSE has been well represented at recent events hosted by the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR).

Two 2013 graduates from the Department of Government, George Edwards and Lukas Slothuus, participated in Posters in Parliament, held at Westminster Great Hall in late February. The posters they produced were based on their undergraduate dissertations written for the GV390 Government Dissertation Option course and were, respectively, Bicameralism and the supranational autonomy of the European Parliament| (PDF) and Extreme right aesthetics: How the Danish People’s Party politicises cultural objects| (PDF). You can read more about the GV390 course and Posters in Parliament in a post on the LSE teaching blog, Undergraduate research opportunities at LSE: beyond the classroom|.

In mid-April, students who participated in last year's LSE GROUPS| took their winning entries to BCUR's annual conference in Nottingham. Vince Harrold and Jonathan Koh presented the LSE GROUPS 2013 Best Conference Paper, Evaluating the effectiveness of The Big Issue in combatting social exclusion among homeless people in central London| (Word), and Rachel Gregory and Jiahui Ren presented a poster based on LSE GROUPS 2013's Best Conference Presentation - The impact of social networks: moving on from homelessness| (PowerPoint).