Student wellbeing

Being a student in London can be great fun and most of you will find plenty of opportunities for enjoyable 'down time' alongside your demanding studies. There may, though, be times when you need to take care of yourself a bit more, whether because of ill health, family or personal problems, a new or existing disability, or study-related anxiety and stress. Please don't ignore these things - there are plenty of people at LSE who can offer expert advice and guidance, as you'll see below. There are also several networks and groups that can help you make the most of your time here whatever your situation.

LSE Student Counselling Service

The Student Counselling Service| sees over 700 students each year and its counsellors have a very good understanding of how to help students with the pressures of being at LSE. They see students on a one-to-one basis for any study-related or personal difficulties and also run therapy groups.

LSE Peer Support

The Peer Support| scheme enables students to talk confidentially to other students. Peer Supporters, located in halls as well as on campus, have been trained to listen and respond to students so, while they are not counsellors, they can act as a listening ear and signpost students if necessary to other networks and services across the School.

LSE Disability and Wellbeing Service

LSE's Disability and Wellbeing Service| supports students with physical and long-term medical conditions, mental health concerns and neurodiverse conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. Specialists in the service can set up Individual Student Support Agreements (ISSAs) and (during Lent Term or before) Specific Examination Arrangements.

LSE Faith Centre

The LSE Faith Centre| offers a quiet place on campus where students of any faith, or none, are welcome to sit, pray or think. Students can also arrange a time to talk confidentially to the Chaplain about any pastoral, spiritual or faith-related matters.

LSE Student Parent Network

The LSE Student Parent Network| meets two or three times a year and is a chance for those juggling the demands of studenthood and parenthood to meet others in the same situation and find out more about the practicalities of managing family life here.

LSE Students' Union Advice and Support

The LSESU's advice and support pages| include a wide range of information about student welfare, managing stress and looking after yourself.

LSE Treatment Clinic

The LSE Treatment Clinic| offers a range of osteopathy, acupuncture and massage treatments for conditions such as RSI, insomnia, stress, pain and physical injury.